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TOURIS is a fully licensed Icelandic Travel guide, agent and a Tour Operator authorized by the Icelandic Tourist Board with over 30 years of experience, providing vacation packages to Iceland. Touris is an authorized Iceland travel guide by the Icelandic Tourist Board promising great Travel packages for Iceland.

TOURIS specializes in incoming tourism to Iceland by offering all kinds of Iceland travel packages for individuals and groups, guided tours by comfortable bus, self drive tours with pre booked accommodation and detailed itinerary. Iceland vacation packages also offer Reykjavik based weekend breaks including excursions and longer tours. We tailor-make itinerary for you if required by employing the best travel guides in the country. Be with TOURIS and explore every corner of the ice and the land.

Below are Iceland travel tour categories (that will help you as travel guides) offered by Touris. A fully licensed Iceland travel guide, TOURIS makes every Iceland vacation package include more of the beautiful country. Please click on each category to get more details of Iceland holiday packages or use the links here to the left and right.

There's no better way to explore and enjoy the extant than with Iceland travel guides and tour operators that provide the best Iceland tours packages.

Bus Tours
Iceland's dramatic scenery and landscapes make it an unforgettable holiday destination.
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Longer Bus Tours
TOURIS offer affordable guided Iceland coach tour packages from 6 – 11 days duration, including accommodation and professional guidance in a number of languages.
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Super Jeep Tours
Join us on a Super Jeep Adventure Tour, - a unique and unforgettable experience.
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Longer Super Jeep Tours
Join us for an Iceland adventure like never before to explore the amazing nature and often the wild side of the country. For most Iceland visitors, a 4x4 tour is once in a lifetime experience allowing you to travel off the beaten track and visit out of the way places where conventional vehicles just cannot go.
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Activity Tours
Ever tried snorkelling in crystal clear ice cold water in the sub-arctic?
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Spa and Fitness
In summer and winter Iceland is ideal for having a relaxed holiday and to rewind the stress of every day life.
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Boat Tours
TOURIS offer various Whale and Bird watching cruises from Reykjavik every day during summer as well as Sea Angling tours.
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Bike Tours
TOURIS offer various bike tours in Reykjavik every day during summer as well as longer bike tour over the highlands.
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Day tours with flights & Areal Sightseeing
If you are staying in Reykjavik for only a short time, - but still want to "see everything", we recommend you take advantage of our popular Combi Packages of Flight and Bus Tours. Many of Icelands greatest sights are certainly not within a day´s reach from Reykjavik by car or a bus, so a package of Flight and Bus Tours may save you time and enable you to see more.
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Self Drive Tours
Self drive packages are becoming an increasingly popular option among travelers in Iceland. Self drive packages include a rental car and a pre booked hotel, guesthouse or a farm accommodation according to your choice and offer a more intimate experience than scheduled tours can.
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Reykjavik City Breaks
Need a breakaway from the hustle and bustle of the daily life? All year round Reykjavik is a city of difference, small but yet big, vibrant and full of life, culture and color.
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Christmas & New Year
Need a Christmas or New Years breakaway from the hustle and bustle of the holidays? All year round Reykjavik is a city of difference, small but yet big, vibrant and full of life, culture and color.
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Trekking Tours
Trekking Packages Including Accommodation and Professional Guidance.
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Private Tours
TOURIS arranges comprehensive personalized tours for individuals or small groups.
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Wedding & Romantic Honeymoon
If you are planning a wedding, why not a honeymoon in Iceland or perhaps a wedding too? You may prefer a traditional and a romantic wedding in a small church or a chapel or perhaps a wedding in other-world-like setting in the stark beauty of the Icelandic nature – perhaps on top of a glacier only accessible by snowmobile or a Super Jeep or a wedding on a beautiful black beach. You may have even more unusual ideas; the only limit is your own imagination.
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Angling in Iceland
Most visitors to Iceland wish to enjoy the country's unspoiled nature as much as possible during their stay but one can take a break between activities and find a beautiful lake or a river to catch trout or salmon.
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Incentive tours
Incentive tours among groups, organizations, etc are very popular in Iceland and are great for increasing the spirit within the team.
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Custom tours
Touris is able to create a special custom made tour according to your own wishes.
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Winter Travel
TOURIS offers most of its tours all year around.
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