Touris - Customer Review - Comment from our customer

June 14, 2011
Dear TourIs staff,

We just returned home from our 9 day circle tour (BP07) and we both want
to let you know how fabulous the entire experience was!

TourIs is wonderful! Things couldn't have gone smoother and easier for
us and we appreciate all the time and effort that obviously goes into each tour!

We especially loved the accommodations! Every place we stayed was
conveniently located, clean and comfortable. We appreciated being sent on
our way after such lovely breakfasts at each place, too.

Hotel Floki was walking distance to everything and Hotel Vellir couldn't have
been better. (We opted to have dinner there and Sigruborg's trout was
one of the best meals of the trip!) Their riding tour took us along a
deserted black sand beach and we were impressed and touched by what
good care they take of their horses and what a good relationship they
have with each pony. The hotel was immaculately clean, too.
Hotel Ludent created such a lovely atmosphere and we spent time with
other travelers/guests. And could Guesthous Mikligarthur be any cuter??
But we especially loved Guesthouse Galleri with the beautifully decorated
rooms and the spa bathroom. (We actually did the bulk of our shopping in
Pury and Joel's shop of handcrafted items!)

The suggested activities and sites listed in the tour's itinerary were
terrific, too. We especially enjoyed the stops at Dimmuborgir, Kerith and Flaxi -
not places we were planning to visit, but so glad you recommended them.

We loved every aspect of our visit to Iceland and credit TourIs
with much of our positive experience. The transfers to and from the airport,
the rental car (really enjoyed the loan of and info in the road atlas!), the itinerary
and the accommodations were well-thought out, organized beautifully
and we didn't have to worry about anything except trying to enjoy as much
of the beautiful country as possible!

We've already recommended TourIs to 3 of our friends!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making our vacation something
special and spectacular! Your staff does a wonderful work!

Bruce and Sue Derenski