Touris - Customer Review - Comment from our customer

September 08, 2011
In late July and early August we traveled with 4 friends around your lovely island country. The accommodations were great and the cars comfortable. Thank you for everything that you arranged. There were two places that were our favorites.
The Godaland Guest House in Fljotshild was especially nice because the lady and gentleman spent hours with us talking to us about Iceland. They also answered all of our questions about what we might find and what we could expect as we traveled around the island. The breakfast was especially delicious too.

Near the end of our visit we stayed with an older lady, a retired farmer, Borgarnes Bed and Breakfast. Her house was amazing as was the breakfast that she single-handedly prepared for all of the guests! She also was happy to talk with us about so many things that we had seen and enjoyed. We had many questions about the farming on the island and she being quite an authority was delighted to help us understand the farming in Iceland.

Although all of our accommodations were fine, the two we mentioned were by far our favorites for many reasons.

Thank you again,
Tom & Mary Lingenfelter