Touris - Customer Review - Comment from our customer

July 11, 2012
Hello, Ingi,

Well, we are home again and our trip around Iceland was absolutely wonderful. We loved everything about Iceland that we were exposed to.

I want to thank you, for the way our tour went. Everything was clearly laid out and easy to follow. You tailored things to suit our special wishes and it worked out very very well. Our car performed adequately for our needs, our rooms were clean and comfortable. and everyone we dealt with was so polite, helpful, and warm hearted. We are totally happy about our visit and will gladly spread the word to our friends about your company.

Any fault we found was not in your planning but in that we just didn't have enough hours in the day to see and do everything that we wanted. We know now that we needed much more time and that our plans were too ambitious. But I am not complaining. We are already looking forward to our return visit.

Our side trip through Vopnafjodur and Bakkafjodur area allowed us to visit the land of our grandparents and that was wonderful too.

And so thank you very much, Ingi. It couldn't have gone better.

Louise Stefania Decosse