Touris - Customer Review - Comment from our customer

May 23, 2014
Dear Oli,

I'm sorry to report that we have returned from our trip to Iceland. Sorry, because it was absolutely wonderful and we would rather still be there.

The self-drive tour you arranged for us was flawless in every way. We thoroughly enjoyed the accommodations, the people of your country are very friendly, and words cannot describe the beauty of Iceland. You are very fortunate to live there.

We had no problems whatsoever, and in our opinion, the self-drive tour is the only way to see Iceland. It is much easier than driving in the U.S.! We even managed to avoid the strikes and sudden "illnesses" that affected IcelandAir. We got to experience every bit of Icelandic weather, from sleet to rain to brilliant, cloudless skies. Sometimes, all in one day.

It will take me weeks to sort out the literally thousands of photos I took, and to write reports on Trip Advisor and other sites. The only difficulty we had was trying to see everything, since there is so much to see and do. The itinerary you prepared for us was of great help, and we followed it religiously.

You can be assured that this will not be our last visit to Iceland. We sincerely appreciate your outstanding service and reasonable rates, and will wholeheartedly recommend TOURIS to anyone who will listen. We have been many places in the world, but our time in Iceland ranks at the very top. Thank you for making our visit an enormous success and highly gratifying in every way.

Tom & Roberta Bulloch