Touris - Customer Review - Comment from our customer

August 15, 2012
Hello Ingi,
Thanks very much for taking care of the voucher refunds.
Here is some feedback about our tour (Tall621135):
-car rental worked out very well; GPS was essential for finding our way, knowing distances, etc
-provided touring map was excellent, we used it constantly; we really appreciated the accommodation locations being marked clearly on the map
- didnít find the road book at all easy to use, so consequently rarely used it during car travel
-overall tour was fabulous and well organized, starting from airport pick-up onwards
-daily tour notes were clear, and we visited many of the suggested places; we especially enjoyed the drive around the Trollaskagi Peninsula (suggested option), but everywhere the scenery was stunning, the museums interesting, and the people very friendly
-Saudarkrokur was a favourite spot and the West Fjords were fabulous
-side trips we especially liked were to Hofsos/Siglurfjordur , Hrisey Island, Dyrholaey Peninsula for puffins and Arctic terns, Arnestapi-Hellnar hike, Viti Crater rim walk and more
-accommodation was varied and we liked that:
Hotel Leifur Eiriksson had a super location and the staff (Thor+) were so knowledgeable and helpful; it was a bit noisy at night
Virkid Guesthouse in Rif was very friendly and the food was outstanding and so was it at Vellir Farm (Vik)
Hotel Latrabjarg had the most expensive set dinner price of the trip.
The 2 high school summer accommodations were great (Isafjordur & Saudarkrokur)
Hotel Hallormsstadur was very comfortable; great dinner buffet
Guesthouse Asgardur in Hofn had a stunning location; Guesthouse Malarhorn did too and we really liked it, although it wasnít well soundproofed between rooms
For us, the pace of travel was a bit fast, as we like to explore areas fully and participate in hikes and other activities that take longer, as well as to have time to visit local hot pots, pools etc. We found ourselves wishing we had more time in several areas, but there was the need to drive on to the next accommodation. In doing it again, we would spend 2 nights in places like Snaefellsnes, Akureyri, Siglufjordur, Hallormsstadur and Hofn.
Overall, we came home very satisfied with our trip to Iceland, and with more that 2000 photos to sort through! Thanks again for your help in planning our tour. It was a pleasure to deal with you personally, and with your company. We would definitely highly recommend Touris to others who may be planning a trip to Iceland.

Doug and Carol Tallman