Touris - Customer Review - Comment from our customer

July 20, 2017
Reykjavik and South
We are relatively new to international travel and after consulting Touris and considering our interests and inclinations we opted for Self-Drive Tour #BP20 - The Highlights of the South 6 days--Since we enjoy getting to know cities we added 3 extra nights in Reykjavik. Touris was great at building the extra time into our stay such that they still arranged our pick-up at the airport on a Tuesday even though our official tour did not begin until Friday. This and everything else was seamless except for a minor glitch with the rental car pick-up. We ended up having to call twice before the rental car company picked us up at our hotel 30 minutes late. The good news is that they compensated us with an upgrade and 50% off the insurance. We really liked the fact that Touris would use a vendor who truly understands customer service.

Liga from Touris, our main contact, and everyone else, were incredibly responsive as we planned the trip. Oh, and did I mention----Iceland is amazing.

this review is from our TripAdvisor page made by the user Dan A