Touris - Customer Review - Comment from our customer

September 30, 2011
Dear Ingi

Just a quick note to thank you so much for having put together a wonderful tour of Iceland for us. We enjoyed every moment of it. We were blessed with wonderful weather which let us see sparkling fjords, amazing panoramic views, and even a sprinkling of fresh snow on the mountains one day to add to the magic. The accommodation was all unique and charming, and we were provided with amazing views at each room we stayed in. It would be impossible to pick a favorite area but the Western Fjords were particularly beautiful and isolated and peaceful.

Your service was excellent and everything was well organized from start to finish. Staying in Hotel Leifur Erickson on the first and last day was an excellent decision and the wonderful view of the city from the top of the church tower, on a beautifully clear sunny day is a memory that will last a very long time.

Takk fyrir - for arranging a wonderful tour that let us enjoy traveling around your most interesting and charming country and now having a tiny bit of understanding and appreciation for the Icelandic culture.


Roeland Jansen