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GG04 - Guided Iceland Circle 2017 - 2018
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Season: All year
Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
Price: See here below. BEST SELLER

Weekly escorted tour around Iceland, available all year round. Explore the stunning landscape and breathtaking nature with volcanoes, lava fields, hot springs, mountains, fjords, glaciers and waterfalls. This escorted tour takes you both to classic nature attractions and lesser-known sights. The tour includes several soft adventures and cultural visits. Some outdoor activities might differ between seasons depending on weather and road conditions.

Highlights and Experiences:

-Escorted coach tour around Iceland's Ring Road
-Visit two national parks
-Included are visits to small local museums, cultural experiences and soft adventures
-Weekly departures all year round in 2017 an even more in 2018
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Day 1. Arrival (50 km/31 mls)

Individual Flybus transfer from KeflavÝk airport to Icelandair Hotel Natura (or similar hotel) in ReykjavÝk, where you will spend the night. We provide you with ideas how to explore Iceland's capital on your own. Dinner suggestions as well!

Day 2. Volcano Crater, Seals, Fjords and Mountains (425 km/264 mls)

At 09:00 you will meet your guide at Icelandair Hotel Natura and head out of the city. Travel west, passing the town of Borgarnes and climb Grßbrˇk volcano crater. In the afternoon visit a natural history & seal museum in a small fishing village in north-west Iceland. Further north a stop is made at the turf church VÝ­imřri ľ which is definitely a very beautiful example of traditional Icelandic architecture. Then the tour continues along the scenic fjord landscape to Akureyri for an overnight stay at Icelandair Hotel Akureyri or similar.

Day 3. The Capital of North Iceland, Lake Mřvatn and Geothermal Baths (120 km/75 mls)

In the morning you will explore Akureyri, which is the capital of the North and visit the botanical garden and enjoy the panoramic view over Eyjafj÷r­ur fjord. In the afternoon the tour continues to an important spot in Iceland's history, Go­afoss, the waterfalls of the Gods. Next is Lake Mřvatn which is known for its geological wonders and active bird life during summer. A stop will be made at the bizarre lava formations at Kßlfastr÷nd followed by a walk around the many pseudo craters and end an exciting day with a relaxing soak at Mřvatn Nature Baths that contains a unique blend of minerals, silicates and geothermal micro-organisms. The warm soothing waters benefit both skin and spirit alike. Overnight stay at Sel Hotel Mřvatn or a hotel in H˙savÝk area.

Day 4. Lava Labyrinth, Hot Springs and Travel East (250 km/155 mls)

The first visit of the day will be Dimmuborgir ľ ôthe dark castlesö, lava labyrinth with various, bizarre lava formations. Next the tour continues to Nßmaskar­ pass with bubbling mud pools and steaming solfataras. We continue through uninhabited highland to east Iceland. If we are lucky, we might sport an Arctic fox or reindeer. From June to August, the tour also includes a visit to Dettifoss ľ Europe┤s most powerful waterfall. Overnight stay at Icelandair Hotel HÚra­ or ┴lfheimar Guesthouse in Borgarfj÷r­ur-Eystri.

Day 5. Fjords, Glaciers and Ice (470 km/292 mls)

A day to admire east Iceland's stunning landscape, tiny fishing villages and twisty roads. Visit an interesting stone and mineral collection. Then we will pass H÷fn town and arrive at J÷kulsßrlˇn ľ a glacial lagoon filled with floating icebergs, and we explore the extraordinary site and might see seals swimming in arctic waters. You can walk on the black sandy beach where large icebergs get stranded. Depending on the season optional boat trips are available. We travel along the southern part of the glacier Vatnaj÷kull and spend time at Europe's largest national park, which has Iceland's highest mountains, an alpine environment, and Europe's largest glacier. Overnight location is at Icelandair Hotel KirkjubŠjarklaustur or Hotel H÷fn.

Day 6. South Coast (240 km/149 mls)

A beautiful drive with many natural wonders awaits today as the tour heads across the Eldhraun lava field, cross the sandy desert of the south coast, overlooked by rugged cliffs, glaciers and waterfalls. The world-famous Reynisfjara shore, near the village VÝk, is widely regarded as the most impressive black sand and pebble beach in Iceland and features an amazing cliff of regular basalt columns resembling a rocky step pyramid. Out in the sea are the spectacularly shaped basalt sea stacks Reynisdrangar. In the small village of Skˇgar, there is Skˇgafoss waterfall which is 62 meters high and is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the country. Further west a stop will be made at the Eyjafjallaj÷kull Information Center where you will learn about living next to a glacier and an active volcano. Next up is the 65-meter high but narrow Seljalandsfoss waterfall which plunges over the mountain. There is an interesting trail that goes behind the fall ľ if you are prepared to get wet! The overnight location is either at Icelandair Hotel Fl˙­ir, Hotel Eyjafjallaj÷kull or Hotel FljˇtshlÝ­.

Day 7. Icelandic Horses and Golden Circle (160 km/99 mls)

Today starts by visiting Fri­heimar farm, where you will meet the Icelandic horse and learn more about its history and unique qualities. NExt up is Geysir geothermal fields where there is a variety of hot springs and bubbling pools. The original geyser is now dormant but has been replaced by Strokkur, "the Churn", which erupts at 5-10 minute intervals. A short drive from Geysir is Gullfoss, "the golden falls", which is a double waterfall that tumbles 34 meters into the HvÝtß river and attracts travelers in summer and winter. Then you will venture inland to Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site, and an area of exceptional geological and historical interest. The Ůingvellir area is part of a fissure zone running through Iceland, situated on the tectonic plate boundaries of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The faults and fissures make evident the rifting of the earth's crust. When returning to ReykjavÝk, the tour ends with a short city tour to show highlights of the world's northernmost capital. Overnight is at Icelandair Hotel Natura or a similar hotel.

Day 8. Departure (50 km/31 mls)
Individual transfer by Flybus airport shuttle to KeflavÝk Airport.


September 01, 2017 - December 31, 2017
- Price per person sharing a double or twin room: 196000 ISK
- Price per person in a single room: 240000 ISK

January 01, 2018 - April 31, 2018
- Price per person sharing a double or twin room: 196000 ISK
- Price per person in a single room: 244000 ISK

May 01, 2018 - May 31, 2018
- Price per person sharing a double or twin room: 229000 ISK
- Price per person in a single room: 308001 ISK

June 01, 2018 - September 30, 2018
- Price per person sharing a double or twin room: 288001 ISK
- Price per person in a single room: 409001 ISK

October 01, 2018 - October 31, 2018
- Price per person sharing a double or twin room: 229000 ISK
- Price per person in a single room: 308001 ISK

November 01, 2018 - December 31, 2018
- Price per person sharing a double or twin room: 209000 ISK
- Price per person in a single room: 271000 ISK

Picture from Guided Iceland Circle 2017 - 2018 tour

Season: All year
Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
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