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Biking is an ideal way to explore the city of Reykjavik. Biking offers endless possibilities of seeing the city in a new light. Cycle downtown, through the heart of Reykjavík, which is lined with cafes, restaurants and designer shops. Explore the coastline on trail and experience the panoramic views.

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HT01 - Glacier Hike from Reykjavik
Picture from Glacier Hike from Reykjavik tour
Season: All year
Departures: Daily
Duration: 10 hours
Departure time: 08:00
Price: 34991 ISK

Join us on one of Iceland’s most popular day trip along the south coast of Iceland. From Reykjavík you will take on a spectacular guided trip along rivers, waterfalls and volcanoes with a final destination of Sólheimajökull outlet glacier. A 2,5-3 hour scenic glacier-hiking trip takes you along the riddles of the glacial wonder world. Experience the effects of climate change first hand on this fun and exciting tour that no one should miss out on while in Iceland.

TT35 - South Coast, Waterfalls and Glacier Hike
Picture from South Coast, Waterfalls and Glacier Hike tour
Map for South Coast, Waterfalls and Glacier Hike tour
Season: All year
Departures: Daily
Duration: 11 hours
Departure time: 08:30
Price: 23901 ISK

This is a perfect tour to enjoy the stunning landscapes that the south of Iceland has to offer. Experience a glacier walk on Sólheimajökull and witness the strange ice formations while you take in the breathtaking surrounding scenery.

TT46 - Vatnajökull Voyager
Picture from Vatnajökull Voyager tour
Map for Vatnajökull Voyager tour
Season: June 1 to September 31
Departures: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
Duration: 16-17 hours
Departure time: 06:45-07:30
Price: 39990 ISK

From June 1st - Sept 15th: Departures on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

An adventure packed day trip to Skaftafell National Park and Vatnajökull National Park. This trip includes a boat trip across Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon on Breiđamerkursandur and glacier hiking across Falljökull Glacier.

TT48 - Take a Walk on the Ice Side
Picture from Take a Walk on the Ice Side tour
Map for Take a Walk on the Ice Side tour
Glacier Hiking
Season: All year
Departures: Daily
Duration: 9 - 10 hours
Departure time: 08:30
Price: 25900 ISK

On this trip you will discover a wonderland of ice sculptures, waterfalls & more.

HT10 - Fimmvörđuháls - Day Tour
Picture from Fimmvörđuháls - Day Tour tour
Map for Fimmvörđuháls - Day Tour tour
Hiking ( 6-8 hours )
Season: April 2 to October 30
Departures: Daily
Duration: 12 hours
Departure time: 08:00
Price: 29990 ISK

An amazing hiking tour to Fimmvörduháls to see Eyjafjallajökull eruption area and Ţórsmörk nature reserve. Drive to Fimmvörduháls and walk on warm lava! This tour is a must for any hiker and / or nature lover!

Departure 02 April - 14 June: Saturdays Departure 15 June - 19 September: Daily Departure 16 September - 30 October: Saturdays

HT09 - Hot Spring Hunt
Picture from Hot Spring Hunt tour
Season: April 1 to September 30
Departures: Daily
Duration: 6-7 hours with pick-up hours
Departure time: 08:00 - 08:30
Price: 15990 ISK

A great hiking day tour to the hot springs in Mt. Hengill and Reykjadalur Valley in Iceland. This is a 7 km, half-day trek that everyone can participate in. A unique chance to experience the local way of visiting the hot springs for a bath.

HT23 - Landmannalaugar Hiking Tour
Picture from Landmannalaugar Hiking Tour tour
Season: June 15 to September 15
Departures: Daily
Duration: 12 hours
Departure time: 07:15
Price: 19990 ISK

This is an incredible day tour to the southern highlands of Fjallabak where we´ll be visit the wonders of Iceland´s Landmannalaugar and Hekla volcano areas. A bubbling wonderland of caramel coloured peaks, soothing hot springs, winding lava flows and crystal clear lakes.

HT02 - Northern Lights and Glacier Hiking
Picture from Northern Lights and Glacier Hiking tour
Season: September 1 to April 15
Departures: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays
Duration: 11-12 hours
Departure time: 12:00
Price: 33901 ISK

We have combined two of the Iceland highlights together in one trip, Northern lights and glacier hiking. Truly an experience that combines the most popular trip in Iceland, a glacier hike in during the day and a northern lights spectacle in the evening.

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