The Jeeps

Jeep Safari and Super Jeep Tours

Our Jeep safari vehicles have been modified with reinforced suspension; oversize tires and four wheel drive to ensure a smooth ride through rough terrain in the Icelandic highlands.

TOURIS operates comfortable specially modified super trucks with giant tires for jeep tours. They have been specially modified for extreme driving conditions on rough terrain in the uninhabited highlands of Iceland. The super trucks are fitted with all the necessary equipment for a safe journey in extreme conditions such as GPS navigation system, two way radio and telephone etc.

Super Jeep safari

The jeep safari is an invention of the people of Iceland. Here super jeeps of various brands are altered to manage flowing rivers and glacier driving with ease. We provide a very good jeep tours and help you see the natural wonders of Iceland just outside Reykjavik in any season and experience the ruggedness of the countryside in total comfort. TOURIS arranges group safari tours to see the hot spots in southwestern and southern Iceland. This makes an enjoyable outing, away from the big city and ends up as a memorable jeep safari.

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