Whale watching and Golden Circle Afternoon

Whale watching and Golden Circle Afternoon

How about adding a Golden Circle Express tour in the afternoon for a full day of fun? This is a perfect combination of tours BT01 Whale Watching and TT02 Golden Circle Afternoon. On this whale watching tour you can see the whales in their native environment which is an unforgettable experience. The bird life of Faxaflˇi bay is rich and diverse all year round. Largest flocks are seen in late winter, when Capelin migrates to the area, drawing in thousands of birds and whales to gorge on this life-giving nourishment.

TT33 Map

TT33 Map

March 1 to October 30

10 hours


09:00, Pick up starts at 08:00



Whale watching boat trip and a bus tour according to description
A guided bus tour
Free pick-up at your hotel at 08:00. For hotels located in the city center, pick up and drop off is at special bus stops near the hotels.

Not Included

Lunch and refreshments



On this whale watching tour you can see the whales in their native environment which is an unforgettable experience. The local bird life is diverse, it includes birds such as the Puffin, the Arctic Tern, the Gannet and different species of Gulls.

After the Whale Watching tour, we will take a short break so that passengers have time for lunch and / or to visit the Whale Exhibition Center that enables you to witness the mysteries of the ocean. The Whale Exhibition Center is situated in an old capelin-fishing vessel ôFÝfillö which has been transformed into an exhibition and information centre on whales and seabirds.

Passengers that do not want to walk the 5-10 minutes back to the bus terminal at HafnarstrŠti 20, are picked up at the harbour at 12:30 for the Golden Circle Afternoon tour, which leaves ReykjavÝk at 13:00. Those wishing to walk are asked to be at the bus terminal at HafnarstrŠti 20 no later than 12:50.

We begin the afternoon tour by visiting Ůingvellir National Park, where the Icelandic parliament, Al■ingi, was founded in 930 AD. Geologically it is a unique place, one can see clear evidence of continental drift and the tectonic plate boundaries that form a breathtaking scenery second to none.

We also visit the impressive Gullfoss waterfall and the spouting hot springs, Geysir and Strokkur.

Although this afternoon trip is a shortened version of our TT01 The Golden Circle Classic, you will be visiting some of the very best historical sites and natural phenomenas in the area. En route back to ReykjavÝk, we will pass Hverager­i greenhouse village.

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Guidance: English