Dettifoss Grand Tour - Jewels of the North 2019

Dettifoss Grand Tour - Jewels of the North 2019

A day tour with flights from Reykjavik & back. A guided coach tour from Akureyri to the magnificent Dettifoss Waterfall, being the most powerful waterfall in Europe, seeing it up close will surprise you. The tour also takes you sightseeing around Lake Myvatn one of Iceland's most beautiful nature paradises as well as a visit to the Jökulsárgljúfur canyons formed in a devastating glacial flood.

AT06 Map

AT06 Map

June 18 to August 31

10 hours - plus flight time


07:10 or 08:05



    Flight: Reykjavík Akureyri Reykjavík (with airport taxes)
    Guided bus tour

Not Included

    Airport transfers in Reykjavik
    Lunch or refreshments



The tour starts with departure from Reykjavik Airport. When arriving in Akureyri we first drive along the coast of Eyjafjordur, across the mountain pass of Vikurskard to the valley of Fnjoskadalur.

Gođafoss waterfall
The first stop of the tour is the Godafoss waterfall, not only famous for its breathtaking beauty but also for its significant historic value related to the Christianisation of Iceland.

Lake Myvatn and Dimmuborgir
From Godafoss the tour continues through the valley of Reykjadalur to Skutustadir in the Lake Myvatn district. There you will explore the regular shaped pseudo craters formed in a volcanic eruption approximately 2300 years ago. We drive along the south coast of the lake to Dimmuborgir, a lava labyrinth formed around 2300 years ago when a partly cooled lava lake drained out and left magnificent basaltic pillars and sculptures. The next destination is the small village of Reykjahlid where you will have the opportunity to have lunch or buy snacks. The tour continues east over the Namaskard mountain pass and we explore the fumarole fields of Hverarond (Námaskarđ) where ground water is heated by an underground magma intrusion. Sulphur deposits are brought to the surface and the area is characterized by a strong smell of sulphur.

Dettifoss waterfall
After a short and easy walk around the fumarole zone we drive on Highway 1 to the Dettifoss, Europe’s most powerful waterfall, where we enter the Vatnajokull National Park. From the parking there is about 10 to 15-minute walk to the waterfall. We explore the Jokulsarsgljufur Canyon, 25 kilometres long and over 100 metres deep, formed in a catastrophic glacial flood after the last ice age. On our way along the canyon we make short stops in Vesturdalur and Hljodaklettar (Echo Cliffs) before we make our way into Asbyrgi, a horse shoe shaped cliff formation. The folklore states that Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse of Odin, stepped down there when passing by, forming the 100-metre high cliffs. Asbyrgi is sheltered from the ocean winds and is therefore highly vegetated. After a stop in Asbyrgi we drive through the Tjornes fracture zone to Husavik, a small fishing and tourism village, and back to Akureyri where we estimate to be around 18.15 in the afternoon.

The tour is available daily from June 18th until September 9th.

Useful Information: Here you will find other information for this tour.

Check in begins 45 minutes before departure from Reykjavik airport. Departure for your tour is from Akureyri airport shortly after your arrival, you will be met by a local guide showing you to the tour bus.

The duration of the day tour is 11-12 hours from time of departure from Reykjavik Airport.

After the tour you will be dropped of at Akureyri airport for your flight back to Reykjavik.

We recommend you to wear good sturdy shoes and dress according to weather. Please have in mind that the weather conditions can change quickly.

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