Lake Mývatn 2018 - 2019

Lake Mývatn 2018 - 2019

A great 12 hour day tour with a return flight from Reykjavik to Akureyri and a guided coach tour of Lake Myvatn´s beautiful surroundings.

AT04 Map

AT04 Map

All year

8-9 hours - plus flight time


07:10, 08:05 or 08:30



    Flights from & to Reykajvík
    Guided coach tour
    Airport taxes

Not Included

    Airport transfers in Reykjavík
    Lunch or refreshments
    Entrance to Mývatn Nature Baths



The Lake Mývatn area is widely known for its natural beauty. In this 8 - 9-hour bus tour that starts in Akureyri we provide the chance to explore the highlights of the area with an experienced, local tour guide that you will meet upon arrival at Akureyri Airport. First we drive along the coast of Eyjafjörđur fjord, across the mountain pass Víkurskarđ to the valley of Fnjóskadalur.

The first stop is at Gođafoss waterfall, not only famous for its breathtaking beauty but also for its significant historic value related to the Christianisation of Iceland. From Gođafoss the tour continues through the valley of Reykjadalur to Skútustađir in the Lake Mývatn district. There we explore the regular shaped pseudo craters formed in a volcanic eruption approximately 2300 years ago.

Next the tour continues to Dimmuborgir (The Black Castles), a lava labyrinth formed around 2300 years ago when a partly cooled lava lake drained out and left magnificent basaltic pillars and sculptures. After a short walk in Dimmuborgir and a lunch break (lunch not included).

The tour will continue through the lava field to Grjótagjá, a popular underground bathing cave among the locals before the Krafla Fires (1975-1984) when the water became too hot to bathe in.

After a short stop by Grjótagjá we drive east over the Námaskarđ mountain pass to the Krafla caldera. Along the way we pass a 60- MW geothermal power station that partly supplies the town of Akureyri with electricity. We visit the explosion crater of Víti (Hell) but its formation marked the beginning of the great Mývatn Fires in 1724. From Víti there is a good view to the geothermal zone of Leirhnjúkur and the lava field formed in the Krafla Fires.

Next we explore the fumarole fields of Hverarönd (Námaskarđ) where ground water is heated by an underground magma intrusion. Sulphur deposits are brought to the surface and the area is characterized by a strong smell of sulphur.

After a short walk around the fumaroles we head for the final destination of the tour, the Mývatn Nature Baths, where visitors get the chance to bathe in the milky - white geothermal water. The stop is approx. 80-90 minutes.

After the stop in the nature baths we drive back to Akureyri.

Useful Information: Here you will find other information for this tour.

Note that from 1. October - 31. May the tour departures are as follows:


From 01. June - 30. September: Daily departures

Check in begins 45 minutes before departure from Reykjavík airport. Departure for the tour is from Akureyri Airport shortly after you arrive. Upon your arrival you will be met by a local guide showing you to the tour bus.


Small groups
Gođafoss waterfall
Skútustađagígar pseudo craters
Dimmuborgir lava formations
Eurasian & American continental rift zone
Mt. Námafjall - Hverir - mud pots
Mývatn Nature Baths (entry fee not included)
Location sites from "Game of Thrones"

You will visit Myvatn Nature Baths and have the option (not included) to enjoy a swim in the lagoon, so remember to take bathing suit along!

At the end of the day the tour bus will drop you of at Akureyri Airport for your flight back to Reykjavik.

We recommend you to wear good shoes and dress according to weather. Please have in mind that the weather conditions can change quickly.

The tour is not available 25. December 2015 and 01. January 2016

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