Accommodation in the category of your choice.

We offer three accommodation categories to choose from, we call these categories Cat 1, Cat 2 and Cat 3.
Which accommodation category to choose depends on your preference on accommodation amenities and your budget.
Cat 1 being the simplest and most economical while on the other end Cat 3 offering higher quality accommodation.
Our most popular category is Cat 2 providing a good balance between the other two.
Here below is how we define these categories:

Cat 1
Rooms in guesthouses with shared facilities but sometimes with washbasins in the rooms. Breakfast is included.

Cat 2
Rooms in hotels or quality guesthouses with private shower or bath and WC. Breakfast is included.

Cat 3
In this category you will find a combination of Standard rooms in four-star hotels and Deluxe or Superior rooms in well appointed three-star hotels. The rooms have private bathroom facilities and breakfast is included. The hotels in this category have a restaurant and a bar on-site.

How are the Hotel rooms in Iceland?

Hotel rooms in Iceland are similar to what you will find in other European countries, for those used to travel around North America might find them a bit smaller than they are used to.

Single rooms
Single rooms have one singe bed and are often smaller than the double rooms while sometimes it is a double/twin room for single use.
These rooms are good for those travelling solo or if they are traveling with someone else and want separate rooms rather than sharing a double/twin or triple rooms.

Double and Twin rooms
Double rooms at most Icelandic hotels have two single beds that are put together to make a double bed. Sometimes a double room has one queen size bed however this varies from one hotel / guesthouse to another but king size are very rare especially out of Reykjavik.
These rooms are ideal for couples.

Twin rooms are similar to double rooms with two single beds but where the beds have not been put next to each other but in most cases that is possible.
These rooms are ideal for friends traveling together or couples who prefer uninterrupted sleep.

Triple rooms
Triple rooms are in most cases double rooms with an extra bed and therefore floor space may be limited when an extra bed has been added.
ideal for a couple with a teenager or friends traveling together.

What room combination should I choose ?

This depends on individual preference and who you are traveling with for example 2 persons might want 2x single rooms or they might want to share 1x double/twin room.
The most economical combinations are as follows:

1 person = 1x single room
2 persons = Sharing 1x double/twin room
3 persons = Sharing 1x triple room
4 persons = Sharing 2x double/twin rooms
5 persons = Sharing 1x double/twin and one triple room
6 persons = Sharing 2x triple rooms

- You can select your own room combination and calculate the price for different room combinations during the booking process.

Why we list accommodation categories rather than exact hotels?

The reason why we only provide accommodation categories rather than list the exact hotels around Iceland is because which hotels will be booked for your tour depends on availability at the time of booking. Also if you are adding some optional extra activities or if you have any special interests we also take that into account when choosing the location of the accommodation.

When will I get the list of accommodation for my Iceland tour?

After we have received your booking we will start reserving the accommodation around Iceland. If the tour is booked well in advance this should take around two business days, when the accommodation is booked we will forward you the list for you.

Can you arrange Cottages, apartments and family rooms?

We can arrange a stay in cottages, apartments and family rooms. Please contact us for a quote and availability.

Can you arrange staying in suites at hotels?

If you want to add more luxury to your tour for all of the nights or for just a upgrade on one night for a special occasion we can arrange that. Contact us for a quote.

Can we request specific hotels in Iceland?

Yes if you have any specific hotels in mind before booking we do our best to accommodate that.

Traveling with children?

0-2 years old
children 0-3 years old are free of charge when staying in bed with their parents or when bringing a crib.
3- 11 years old
Touris offers families with one child to book up to 3 persons per double room.
The room would either have a made up extra bed or a made up mattress in cases the rooms available are too small to accommodate an extra bed.
Two adults and two children over 3 years old need to book two double rooms or get a quote from us for a family room. The bigger family rooms are in limited supply so for those looking for family rooms booking early is recommended.