Private airport transfer on arrival day

Our driver will meet you at the airport and from there you will have a private transfer directly to your accommodation in Reykjavík. The driver will provide you with all travel documents needed for your upcoming trip.

There are a few options on how to commute from the airport to Reykjavík like bus transfers, taxi´s or even picking up the rental car upon arrival. All of which can be arranged by us. We however feel that a private transfer is the most convenient /optimal way to get from the airport to your accommodation in Reykjavík for the majority of our guests. It is stress free and requires nothing of our guests, who often are a bit jet lagged after the flights, other than showing up at the airport. Our driver will track your flight making sure to be there on time regardless of delays or even flights arriving ahead of schedule.

Key benefits:
Door to door transfer
Saves Time
Stress Free
No ques for the bus or taxi
No ques or paperwork at the car rental after a long flight
Friendly English speaking driver

Note: The private meet and greet transfer is a one time transfer. If participants are arriving at different times, another transfer needs to be added to the package or an alternative transit method.