Akureyri is often called Icelandīs Capital of the North. The name is apt, as it is the hub of all activities in the area. It is a lively town with something of a metropolitan feeling. It was a trading post for centuries and as an established town for well over hundred years, it has thus the flavour of many periods. Commerce, diversified industries, fishing and tourism give employment to the growing population. Akureyri is also an important educational centre for a wide area in the north. The town has a pleasant appearance where may fine old timber houses exist harmoniously along side modern structures. The twin towered church looms over the town. Many visitors find Akureyri the most interesting town in the country with much of its charm derived from well tended gardens where flowers and trees are more in evidence than in most other places. Itīs may cultural institutions add to the charm. There is a local professional theater, cultural centre, a fine library and many museums in the town. In winter, the snow covered slopes of Mt. Híðarfjall above the town with good ski lifts and other facilities attract host of skiers. The slopes usually provide good skiing opportunities well into May.