Bolafjall viewing platform

Bolafjall Mountain is located to the west from Bolungarvík, a fishing town in the Westfjords.
It is a steep mountain peak with sheer cliffs on the ocean facing side and about 638 meters straight drop into the ocean.

On the other side, the mountain is not as steep and there is a gravel road leading to the peak and some sections are quite steep, or about 12% gradient. However, most of the route is less steep, usually between 7 and 8 %. Some stretches of the route may look scary for people that are afraid of heights and it is recommended not to drive this road on a windy or a foggy day, but is is frequently quite windy at the top.
The distance from Bolungarvík to the peak is close to 9 kilometers. The road is only passable in summer, usually from middle of June until late August and 4x4 vehicles are recommended. At the peak is a former radar station that was built in 1992 by the US military.

From the top of the mountain there are stunning views over Bolungarvík and Ísafarđardjúp Fjord, as well as to Hornstrandir Nature Reserve and in recent years, Bolafjall Mountain has become increasingly popular with tourists. A viewing has been built at the top of Bolafjall, providing a better and a more safe place for viewing. The platform was completed in 2022 and to believed to be a great attraction to tourists. The nearby Bolungarvík is the northernmost town of the Westfjords, a fishing town situated about 14 kilometers from Ísafjörđur, which is the largest town in the Westfjords. Bolungarvík has close to 1000 inhabitants and most of them are either fishermen or work in the related fish processing industries.

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