Deildartunguhver is the most capacious hot spring in the Europe, yielding about 180 liters of almost boiling (97) hot water every second. The water of the spring issues from the foot of a small hill. The hot spring is located in the Reykholtsdalur Valley, close to the historic Reykholt where there is also geothermal activity.

The nearby Reykholt and History

The famous saga writer and poet Snorri Sturluson lived at Reykholt from 1179 until 1241 but Snorri wrote the famous Heimskringla which is the history of Norwegian kings. There is now a museum at Reykholt, dedicated to the memory of Snorri Sturluson. A statue of Snorri Sturluson made by Gustav Vigeland, a Norwegian sculptor stands at Reykholt. Walkways have been created by the hot springs at Deildartunguhver, from where they can be viewed from close up but visitors are advised to be extremely careful due to the high temperature of the water. The water from here serves to heat houses in Akranes town, about 39 miles (64 km) away and in Borgarnes town 21 miles (34 km) away as well as numerous farms.

Krauma Spa

A popular spa has been created at Deildartunguhver called Krauma Geothermal Bath Resort, where visitors can enjoy the hot water from Deildartunguhver blended to a perfect and convenient bathing temperature by using colder water from nearby sources. In addition to nice changing rooms with lockers and hot showers, Krauma has several hot tubs with water mixed to various temperatures to suit the preference of each and every visitor. It also offers steam baths as well as relaxation facilities. There is a restaurant at Krauma, serving Icelandic cuisine of fresh local products. Nearby are greenhouses heated with hot water, used for cultivation of decorative flowers and vegetables.

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