Eldgjá Canyon

In Eldgjá, nature has run amaok to create a unique spectacle, splitting mountains and valleys in its course, creating a gigantic 30 km long gash into the earth, which in some places is up to 200 m deep and up to 600 m wide. This volcanic fissure is considered to be the greatest of its kind on earth. Only a small part of Eldgjá can be visited by car. At the end of the track into Eldgjá, leave the car and walk to where the scenic splendor of this facinating trail reaches a superb climax. Walk for about 30 minutes on the steep and rocky slopes of the gorge, following the upstream course of the Nyrðri Ófæra river. Come to Ófærufoss waterfall. Until 1980´s it was framed by a natural bridge but the bridge collapsed.