Gjáin, "The Gorge" is a picturesque appealing , gorge like depression with flowers and ferns, meandering streams and a fine waterfall at its upper end, - a miniature landscape like an Oriental rock garden with a breathtaking scenery all around. Gjáin is located in the Ţjórsárdalur Valley and the river Rauđá runs through it with many pretty waterfalls. The vegetation in Gjáin differs very much from its surroundings that are rather barren, but Gjáin is well sheltered from wind and therefore the rich vegetation. However, the vegetation is fragile and visitors are urged not to walk outside of the marked trails. There is a rather steep trail down into Gjáin with loose gravel and visitors need to be careful and watch their steps. Many people that have never been to Iceland may still be familiar with the beautiful landscape at Gjáin, but the Water Dance scene of the famous Game of Thrones was filmed at Gjáin Gorge.

Nearby attractions

There is a few minutes walking trail between Gjáin and the excavated Viking age farm at Stöng, which was buried under thick layers of ashes and pumice from one of the largest eruption in the nearby Mt. Hekla in the year 1104 and was excavated in 1939. A little further inland from Gjáin is Háifoss Waterfall in the Fossá River, the third tallest waterfall in Iceland, 122 meters high and its neighbor, the Waterfall Granni which means „Neighbor“ is close by it and is almost as tall. The road from Gjáin to Háifoss is a rough gravel road but with caution, it is passable by a regular car in summer, however a 4x4 vehicle is recommended. The road is usually not passable in winter due to snow. The drive from Gjáin to Háifoss takes normally about 20 – 30 minutes, all depending on the road conditions that tend to change from one time to another.

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