Heršubreišarlindir is an oasis at the foot of the majestic table mountain Heršubreiš, 1682 meters high, located in a near desert landscape to the east of the Ódįšahraun lava. The mountain was formed in a sub glacial volcanic eruption during the last Ice Age that ended about then thousand years ago. Green-clothed with grass, it verges, supporting flourishing growth of flowers like Angelika and the area is laced with springs of crystal clear water of the spring fed Lindaį River, - unexpected and gratifying in these surroundings of desolate sands and lava beds. Here is found a mountain hut, a wardens station and a campground. These facilities are only open in summer. Directly above the desert plains rises Mt. Heršubreiš, considered by many people the most beautiful and majestic mountain in all of Iceland.


Today, Heršubreišarlindir is one of the most popular highland destinations in Iceland for tourists but in the past it is known to have been a shelter for outlaws that had been excluded from human society due to crimes they had committed, - and sometimes minor crimes. One of the best known outlaws was Fjalla Eyvindur. He is said to have survived the winter 1774 -1775 in Heršubreišarlindir, where he made an underground shelter by one of the fresh water springs from where he has access to running fresh water all year round. The remains of his shelter can still be seen close to the mountain hut in Heršubreišarlindir.

Access - Warning

Due to its remoteness, situated in the middle of the highland desert, Heršubreišarlindir is only accessible by large 4x4 vehicles with a high road clearance. The roads leading to Heršbreišarlindir are all rough gravel roads and there are unbridged rivers and streams along the route that must be forded and are the main obstacles. The largest river is usually Graflandaį River but the water volume in the rivers varies greatly. In the afternoon on a hot summer day, the rivers tend to grow in volume due to melting of snow in the mountains and the rivers also swell when it rains. The bottom of the river beds is often covered by a soft sand, where traction is not good, so utmost care should be exercised when crossing. At times, when conditions are unfavorable, the rivers can become dangerous and sometimes the rivers are impassable, - even by large vehicles. Before traveling to Heršubreišarlindir, visitors should take along enough food as well as fuel for their vehicles, but there are no service stations to be found anywhere near.

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