Höfn Town is located at a small fjord on the southeast coast of Iceland called Hornafjörður. Höfn Town is built on the tip of an undulating hilly promontory which separates two lagoon –like and rather shallow fjords. The town has also extended to small islands, now joined to the town by landfills. This progressive little town has excellent facilities for it´s fishing fleet, which has a chief catch of herring and lobster. The number of inhabitants, which is currently counts about 2200 people, has been growing rapidly in the last years and although fishing and related processing industries used to be the main source of income for most people living at Höfn, tourism has in recent years become an increasingly important factor in it´s economy. Höfn means a harbor in English and is the only harbor on the south coast in a large area. Due to the low and vast sandy beach coastline in South Iceland, the nearest good harbor on the south coast is about 400 kilometers to the west at Þorlákshöfn Town, so about 400 kilometer stretch of the south coast of Iceland does not have a single harbor.


The surrounding landward circle of mountains, from the pyramid shaped Vestrahorn to the east and to majestic Öræfajökull, Icelands highest mountain to the west is exceedingly fine and impressive. The backcloth of the town are the mountains that rise up to the southern fringe of the Vatnajökull icefield. The immediate surroundings of Höfn have often been described as one of the most majestically beautiful parts of the country. The town stands by the narrow channel that gives access to the sea from the two great inlets.


Höfn has all the services you might expect from a small town, such as a Health Care Center, gas stations, a grocery store, a liquor store, restaurants, campsites, guesthouses and hotels to name only a few. There is also an airport at Höfn and regular scheduled flights between Reykjavik and Höfn are available daily.

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