Hveragerđi Town

Hveragerđi town is situated in south west Iceland, by the main circular highway between Reykjavík and Selfoss. The town has about 2500 inhabitants and is famous for its natural geothermal area with numerous hot springs, many of which are literally found in peoples back yard. Throughout the year, plumes of steam from the numerous hot springs can be seen rising from the ground in the town as well as its surroundings. Hveragerđi is well known for its horticulture and greenhouses, heated directly with water from hot springs, where decorative flowers are grown but tropical fruit are also grown in the greenhouses, for example bananas and coffee.

The Earthquake

A new hot spring area broke through the ground during the 6,3 Richter scale earthquake that shook Iceland´s southern part in May 2008. The new hot spring is situated in a hillside above the town. Earthquakes are common in Hveragerđi, although most earthquakes are minor tremors that usually do not do much damage.


The surroundings of Hveragerđi are a paradise for outdoors people. There are good hiking trails in Reykjadalur Valley to the north of the town. There are numerous hot springs in the valley and the river Varmá that runs through is fed hot water from some of the hot springs, making the river perfect for bathing. The name Varmá means „Warm River“. Most of the people living in Hveragerđi are employed either in horticulture or in tourism.


There are hotels and guesthouses as well as popular restaurants in the town. There is an excellent public open air swimming pool in the town and of course heated directly with natural hot water and open all year round. The Hoticultural School of Iceland is located at Reykir in Hveragerđi Town where experiments with growing exotic plants have been made for decades. The popular NLFÍ Spa and Helath and Rehabilitation Clinic is also located at Hveragerđi where patients in need for rehabilitation or regaining their strength after accidents or disesae like arthritis can seek a treatment as well as well being.

Approaching Hveragerđi – Kambabrún Viewpoint

When approaching Hveragerđi Town on the main highway from Reykjavik there is a great viewpoint with a parking lot called Kambabrún, located at a high mountain slope, from where on a clear day, there are great far reaching views across the lowland plains of south Iceland and Hveragerđi Town below.