Ísafjörður Town

Ísafjörður Town
Ísafjörður Town or „Ice Fjord“ is the largest town of the Westfjords, with around 2800 inhabitants. Ísafjörður town has a long history and Neðstikaupstaður, an older part of the town, consists of the oldest buildings in Iceland which gives the town a certain charm. In this part of the town you will find the interesting Westfjords Heritage Museum which is a folk and a maritime collection, certainly worth visiting. Ísafjörður has been one of the largest fishing industry centres in Iceland for years. Ísafjörður has an airport located about 5 km from the town center. Located in a narrow and deep fjord , the approach to the runway requires the aircraft to fly close to the surrounding sheer mountain terrain, making it more challenging than at most airports.

Access - Services

Regular daily flights are scheduled between Reykjavik and Ísafjörður by Icelandair. There are several hotels and guesthouses in Ísafjörður as well as many other services available to visitors such as excellent restaurants. Various tours to interesting places in the Westfjords are available at Ísafjörur. There is a good campsite close to the town of Ísafjörður with good facilities. In the charming town of Ísafjörður one can visit museums, ski in the high and steep mountains surrounding the town, go swimming, golfing and sea angling.

Vigur Island

From Ísafjörður a very interesting and scenic cruise can be taken to Vigur Island a charming island on Ísafjörður Bay. A boat ride from Ísafjörður to Vigur take only about half an hour. Only one family lives in Vigur and their livelihood is mostly based on farming, the collection of eggs and eiderdown as well as tourism. A visit to Vigur Island is a unique experience and offers great opportunities to get close to nesting birds in summer. There are usually close to 3500 nests occupied by Eider ducks every summer on the small Vigur Island.


There are numerous interesting hiking trails near Ísafjörður but the town is also a base for longer hiking tours, for example in the Hornstrandir area. Guided tour packages as well as various self drive tours we offer, include a visit to Ísafjörður Town and its surroundings and can be found at www.tour.is

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