Keri­ volcanic crater lake is located in the GrÝmsnes region on the popular Golden Circle route on road 35, only about 10 minutes drive from Selfoss, the largest town in south Iceland outside the capital area. It is approximately 3000 years old. Keri­ is about 55 meters deep, although the lake itself is only 7-14 meters deep. Keri­ is an unusual crater shape as it is a hole in the ground and not a cone shape. Geologists believe that Keri­ was a cone shape after the eruption came to an end, but later it collapsed into the empty magma chamber beneath the crater and therefore the unusual shape. The red color of the lava at Keri­ stems from iron deposits present in the rock.

Nearby Attractions

There are several other volcanic craters located nearby, including Sey­ishˇlar and Kerhˇll that are a part of Tjarnarhˇlar, a row of craters formed about six thousand years ago. Keri­ is privately owned and currently (2022) a small fee of ISK 400,-is collected for visiting and for using the parking lot at the spot. There are many places of interest in the area surrounding Keri­. For example, the Geysir area is only about half an hours drive from Keri­ and the majestic waterfall Gullfoss is a few minutes further away. At the Geysir geothermal area are numerous hot springs and although the famous Great Geysir is no longer active, its close neighbor Strokkur is very active and spouts every 5 ľ 10 minutes The waterfall Gullfoss is only about 10 minutes drive from Geysir. It is 32 meters high and one of the largest waterfalls in Iceland. Gullfoss is in the glacial river HvÝtß, which is melt water of Langj÷kull, the second largest glacier in Iceland, situated in the central highlands of the country. There are various kinds of services available at both Geysir and Gullfoss as well as in the immediate vicinity, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and shops.

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