Lake Kleifarvatn

Lake Kleifarvatn is in a depression between two ridges and the barren, volcanic surroundings are uniquely beautiful. It is a lake with no visible drainage and fluctuating water level due to rise and fall of ground water level. Kleifarvatn is the largest lake of the Reykjanes peninsula, about 9 km˛, and 97 meters deep. Lake Kleifarvatn lies on the fissure zone of the Mid Atlantic Ridge and following an earthquake in the year 2000, a fissure opened on the bottom of the lake and the water level dropped by about 2 – 3 meters in a short time. As a result, several hot springs became visible close to the southern lakeshore that used to be hidden underwater. A few years later the lake had regained its previous water level. The lakes surroundings are rather barren but beautiful and are a great attraction for hikers and nature lovers. There is good Char fishing in the lake and the lake is also supposed to be the home of a large USO (unidentified swimming object), claimed to be occasionally seen.

Nearby attractions

Close to Lake Kleifarvatn is Krýsuvík, a colorful high temperature geothermal area with boiling solfataras, steam vents and mud pools. Close by is a crater lake called Grćnavatn or Green Lake. The green color stems from presence of algae in the water.

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