Landmannalaugar, nestling under the high edge of an obsidian lava flow in one of the most scenic spots in the Icelandic highlands. The scenic interest in the area is tremendous, Rhyolite mountains with super abundance of forms and colors, gashed by deep canyons and ridges dominate the magnificent scenery. The mountains here are perhaps the most varied and colorful in the country. Here is a warden┤s station, a mountain hut and a popular camping site with restrooms and hot showers. Near the hut is a warm water pool, created by confluence of natural hot water and cold water springs, making the perfect temperature for bathing, both in summer and winter.


There are numerous interesting hiking trails in the area that is certainly a Paradise for hikers and other nature lovers. A hike up to nearby Blßhnj˙kur, a distance of about 6 kilometers that takes most people 2-3 hours, where the visitor has unobstructed view of the surroundings is highly recommended but there are numerous other hiking trails in the area, both more and less challenging. One of the more challenging trails is called Laugavegur, between Landmannalaugar and ١rsm÷rk which is about 54 kilometers long and takes most people two to four days to hike. There are four mountain cabins located along the route at Hvanngil, Emstrur, ┴ltavatn and at Hrafntinnusker, where hikers can opt to stay overnight but camping is also possible. The cabins are small but popular with hikers so an advance booking is usually necessary.


If not hiking, Landmannalaugar is only accessible by 4x4 vehicles and special highland buses with a high road clearance during summer. In in order to get there in winter, snowmobiles or so called Super Trucks are needed but much of the route to Landmannalaugar is a rather high elevation or about 500 ľ 600 meters above sea level where a lot of snow stays on the ground the whole winter. In spring the roads are often closed due to spring thaw the opening of the road to Landmannalaugar varies between years but the Icelandic road and coastal administration will announce the opening of this and other highland roads on their website 
If you are arriving on your own rental car please note that there is a parking fee at Landmannalaugar 

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