Lóndrangar rock formation

Lóndrangar rock formation
Lóndrangar are a pair of pointy cliffs, rising from the shore of the southern Snĉfellsnes peninsula. The taller one stands approximately 75 meters tall. These are crater plugs of basalt, remains of ancient craters that are now slowly being eroded by the sea.


By the side of the main road around Snĉfellsjökull, there is a parking lot, as well as a good viewpoint from where there is a good view towards Lóndrangar. In order to see Lóndrangar more close up, it is best to take the road to the lighthouse at Malarrif and hike from there to Lóndrangar. Lóndrangar is a part of Snĉfellsjökull National Park and there are numerous places of interest nearby. The National Parks Visitor Center is located at Malarrif.

Nearby attractions

Close to Lóndrangar is an impressive bird cliff called Ŝúfubjarg, which is a nesting colony of many seabirds in summer. The lava cave Vatnshellir is nearby and tours into the cave are available during the summer months. The majestic Snĉfellsjökull dominates the scenery, towering at the tip of Snĉfellsnes Peninsula. The glacier is one of the smaller glaciers in Iceland, about 11 square kilometers but due to global warming it has been diminishing rapidly in the last decades. Close to Lóndrangar is an impressive and tall bird cliff called Ŝúfubjarg, which is a nesting colony of thousands of seabirds in summer, including the peculiar Puffins.

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