Reykholt is in a tranquil setting in a shallow valley between mostly green ridges. It is one of Iceland's major historic sites, a cultural centre of past and present. The hamlet is built up around the former district school facilities and a nearby geothermal area.


This is where Snorri Sturluson (1179 -1241), a historian and author lived in the 13th century. Here he wrote his monumnental "Heimskringla", History of the kings of Norway and the Poetic Edda, which teaches poetic metres and narrates tales of the heathen gods of Germanic mythology. Snorralaug, SnorriŽs bathing pool is found in a hollow below the old school building. A stern faced statue of Snorri, by the Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland stands in front of the main building of the former district school. Snorrastofa is a research centre focusing on Medieval Studies, established in the memory of Snorri Sturluson. Snorrastofa runs a tourist information centre, located in the building that adjoins the church and Snorrastofa. There is a hotel at Reykholt.

Nearby attractions

A few kilometers to the west from Reykholt, in Reykholtsdalur Valley is Deildartunguhver, the largest hot spring in the world in terms of volume. It yields about 180 liters per second of hot water of 97 degrees C. Water from Deildartunguhver Hot Spring has bee harnessed for heating in two towns, Borgarnes and Akranes and the water is piped a distance of 64 kilometers to Akranes and 34 kilometers to Borgarnes. The water from Deildartunguhver is also used on the spot for the Geothermal Bath Resort Krauma, located at Deildartunguhver. Krauma is a spa where visitors can enjoy a wonderful bath in hot tubs with convenient water temperatures.

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