Reynisfjara beach

Reynisfjara beach
Reynisfjara Beach is a beautiful natural black sand beach near Vk, located at the foot of Reynisfjall mountain that rises from the shore with steep and sheer cliffs that are the breeding grounds and a nesting colony of numerous sea birds in summer, including a great number of Puffins. The southernmost inhabited place in Iceland is Garar Farm, located on Reynisfjara Beach.


Reynisdrangar are black basalt columns that rise from the ocean at Reynisfjara Beach between Reynisfjara and the village Vk. According to the legend two trolls dragged a three-masted ship to land unsuccessfully and when the sun came rose, they turned into stone and became needles of rock. These magnificent columns can be seen from Reynisfjara beach.


The black basalt volcanic sand beach at Reynisfjara is by many people believed to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, but it also proves to be one of the most dangerous tourist attractions in Iceland. Too many people have drowned on the beach in the past, after being accidentally caught by large and strong waves that have swept them out to sea. Therefore visitors are urged to be extremely careful when visiting the the beach, especially in windy weather and when the surf is high. Stay far back from the water, read all signs and warnings and respect the power of Nature that can sometimes be unforgiving. Children should always be led by hand on the beach.

Vk Town

A short distance east of Reynisfjara is the pretty village Vk, the southernmost town in Iceland, situated on the black sandy beach and at the foot of Mt. Reynisfjjall, with about 500 inhabitants. Vk is a trade and service center for a large farming community as well as being a popular tourist attraction with several hotels, restaurants and various services related to tourism. Although Vk is situated directly on the coast, it does not have a harbor. It is due to the fact that it is not possible to build a harbor on the low sand beach where the sand is constantly drifting about.

Nearby Attractions

On the west side of Reynisfjara Beach is Dyrhlaey Headland. Dyrhlaey means Door Hill Island and named after a big hole that has been eroded by the ocean waves through the offshore cliff. There is a very rich birdlife on Dyrhlaey in summer, as it is a nesting colony of numerous seabirds of various species, including Puffins and Arctic Terns. There is a rough gravel road leading to the top of Dyrhlaey and to an unmanned lighthouse, from where there are extensive views over the south coast and towards the magnificent glaciers Eyjafjallajkull and Mrdalsjkull.

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