Svartifoss waterfall

Svartifoss waterfall
Svartifoss is a small but amazingly beautiful waterfall and a marvelous creation of nature in Skaftafell National Park in souteast Iceland. It lies at the back of a long ravine, enclosed by steep cliffs, where it plunges over an escarpment of intricately formed, regular strands of hexagonal columnar basalt.


The walking distance from the campground at Skaftafell is close to 1,5 km each way. The waterfall can not be seen from far but only from rather close up. The hiking trail towards the waterfall from the parking area and camping site is uphill and winds mostly through a rather dense birch forest. The hike back and fourth takes most people about an hour and a half. Although the waterfall is located in a stream, close to a glacier, the river is spring fed with crystal clear water. The name of the waterfall means the Black Falls, translated into English and is among the most amazing sights in the area. Svartifoss is about 20 meters tall. Skaftafell is a Nature Reserve located at the foot of Skaftafellsjökull Glacier in the Vatnajökull National Park.


There is a Visitor´s Center at Skaftafell and a warden´s station that is open all year round with good facilities like a small café, a campsite and restrooms. There are also hotels, guesthouses and restaurants to be found in the vicinity. Skatfafell is easily accessible the year around from the main circular highway, road number 1.