Vatnsdalshˇlar mounds

Vatnsdalshˇlar Mounds are countless mounds or hills in the Valley of Vatnsdalur at H˙naflˇi Bay in North Iceland. It is believed that Vatnsdalshˇlar were formed as a result of a huge landslide, probably the biggest in Iceland┤s history. About 7000 years ago, a huge landslide slide tore away a part of the nearby VÝ­idalsfjall mountainside. The loose rocks and gravel plummeted down the mountainside at such a great speed, that they splashed all across the Valley to the other side of the valley floor, leaving debris across an area of about 5 km2. The hills are said to be uncountable, and although many have tried counting, none has succeeded.

Nearby Attractions

There are almost two hundred years since the last person was publicly executed in Iceland. The site is found a short distance from the main highway in Vatnsdalur Valley where a monument of the event can be found. Vatnsdalsß, beautiful river flows through the Vatnsdalur Valley and is considered to be one of the best salmon fishing rivers in the country. The area of Vatnsdalur Valley are primarily farmlands and Vatnsdalur Valley is one of the earliest settled places in Iceland. Places of interest near Vatnsdalur Valley are among other Borgarvirki, a natural fortress, HvÝtserkur Cliff with rich birdlife in summer, an offshore rock formation, Koluglj˙fur Canyon and waterfall is to be found in the nearby VÝ­idalur Valley. Koluglj˙fur is certainly an amazing sight. The nearest towns are Hvammstangi and Bl÷nduˇs, the most populated town in the region. Bl÷nduˇs is primarily a trade and a service center for a large farming community surrounding it. Several self drive tour packages as well as guided bus tours that include a visit to Vatnsdalshˇlar can be found at