Víti Crater

Víti is an explosion crater on the north shore of Lake Öskjuvatn, approximately 150 metres in diameter. Lake Öskjuvatn fills the Askja Caldera which is about 50 square kilometers and is the second deepest lake in the country, about 220 meters deep. Víti was formed during the catastrophic volcanic eruption in Askja in 1875. The eruption had devastating consequences for large areas of farmlands in the northern and eastern parts of the country but toxic ashfall killed a lot of livestock and extensive farmlands were destroyed. Víti contains a geothermal lake of mineral-rich, sulphurous water, which is maintained at a comfortable temperature (around 25°) for swimming but the temperatures vary from one spot to another.


In rainy weather, the steep path down into the crater can become extremely slippery. The route to Askja is only passable by four wheel drive vehicles with a high road clearance in summer. From where the roads ends, there is about 20 – 30 minutes walk to the crater Víti.

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