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Iceland is one of the most sought after places for vacation during summer. Due to its attractions, cool weather and sight seeing places many people prefer visiting it. Iceland turns out to be the best place for touring and sight seeing with such varied contrasts like whales and birds for watching. Iceland is an island so it a bit expensive to reach but costs can be reduced by choosing adventure camp, renting cars, jeep safari and bus tours. Iceland tourism is continuously promoted and TOURIS provides all essential information required by any tourist going to Iceland. The temperature of Iceland is totally suitable for adventure tours. Bus tours are promoted in Iceland, as they are the main mode of transportation for tourists visiting Iceland even with small group tours. TOURIS also provide Super Jeep Tours to add to your adventure.

Information on Iceland

Iceland is a European island country with more than three hundred thousand people. Iceland tours are gaining popularity but still many people believe that Iceland is a rocky island with a very harsh and cold climate. However it is far from being as cold in Iceland as many people think it is. TOURIS answers all your queries and proves them to be myths. Iceland is not that cold and even in summers the weather can be quite predictable. Average temperature in July is around +12C Iceland has the most number of botanical gardens in the northern area of the world so touring to Iceland is truly nature tours. The southern part is geologically active and it has hot pools, waterfalls and glaciers. TOURIS provides all information as to how to go for camping and make your vacation interesting with adventure camp and sight seeing. The blue lagoon is best visited during the winters in Iceland with small group tours.

Iceland: Language: Icelandic

The language spoken in Iceland is Icelandic. It is an old Germanic language that has remained almost unchanged for about 1000 years. This language was spoken in most of Scandinavia about 1000 years ago. English speaking people find it difficult to understand because there have been many attempts to eradicate English words from this language and there are rather few similarities in the two languages although English and Icelandic are of the same origin. Iceland tourism will not be affected due to this because most of the people there know and speak English very well. And TOURIS takes full care that you do not face any such problem and your adventure tours in Iceland continue properly.

Transportation in Iceland

When you visit Iceland the best system of transportation is by bus or self drive. Super jeep tours are also very common and popular in Iceland. Many people prefer Super Jeep to buses as it lets you get off the set paved roads. TOURIS provide jeep safari for its customers.

It is a great option to everybody who decides not to use bus tours and prefers touring by Super Jeep. Super Jeeps can move and thus provide for a great adventure when there is heavy snow all around. At that time airplanes can also be used. If you are thinking visiting Iceland in winters is not a good idea because you will have to board expensive flights, - then you are wrong, as flights in Iceland are rather cheap. Icelanders perhaps fly more than many other people do and it is often the quickest way to travel long distances in Iceland. Icelandair is the largest airline in Iceland. If you are more adventurous then you can even go for mountain biking and you can take bikes on rent.

Weather of Iceland

Touring Iceland is gaining popularity. The best time to visit Iceland is May, June, July or August but every season has its charm. The accommodation is reasonably cheap. Even transportation is not a problem because Super Jeeps and many bus tours are available. Jeep safari is very popular, as many bus routes do not go to the interiors till late June or early July when the snow melts. Reykjavik is best enjoyed in the winters especially near Christmas and New Year. If you prefer, you can opt for adventure camp and can convert your vacation touring to nature tours. TOURIS handles everything for you and takes full responsibility to make your adventure tours a success. Though touring Iceland is enjoyable at any time of the year, summer offers mor opportunities to do adventure tours.

Iceland Lodging

Iceland lodging is available on the lowlands around the coast but hotels or guesthouses are not found at all in the center of the country. Simple mountain cabins with sleeping bag accommodation only are to found in several remote places in the central highlands. Camping is sometimes a good option in summer and you can go for adventure camp with small group tours and Iceland tourism also promotes adventure tours. All details on touring in Iceland are given by TOURIS.

Currency of Iceland

The currency of Iceland is The Icelandic Kronur. Costs during touring Iceland can be reduced considerably by adventure camps, biking and taking bus tours or opt for a self drive package. This all makes Iceland tours the best adventure tours.

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