Adventure Holiday

When you go for family adventure vacations to Iceland with tour operators your trip should include rock climbing, snow climbing, hiking and ice climbing. All these sports are very famous in Iceland and guided tours by TOURIS make sure you enjoy these sports to the fullest. These tour operators arrange your adventure camp to Iceland according to your convience and with every possible comfort to you. Any Iceland information can be taken from TOURIS who design the best family adventure vacations.

Rock climbing in guided tours

Rock climbing is one the most famous things to do when you are on an adventure holiday to Iceland.The rock climbing season in Iceland extends from mid-May to mid-September. As the weather is variable you have to be careful when to climb. Even some rocks are loose and crumbly in some places and thus proper guidance is required which is provided by TOURIS on your vacation tours. But you will also have to be careful as not to leave any garbage or rubbish behind. You would have to carry out your guided tours in peace and if you intend on climbing private lands you have to take permissipon from the owner first. Tour operators can also arrange indoor rock climbing for you. You can rock climb indoor in Reykjavik Iceland at the klifurhusid gym. It is a place where training is given for rock climbing. Even general public and go and rock climb in this gym and you can use it when on your vacation tours.

Hiking by tour operators

Another sport which must be included in your guided tours is hiking. You should ask your tour operators to include this sport in your private tours. Hiking guide books are available but hiking maps are better. You should study maps carefully and then decide your hiking route. If wanted all Iceland information is provided to you by TOURIS. The availability of hiking guidebooks for Iceland written in English is scarce but getting better. The selection of hiking maps is much better. These are available in books stores and tourist information centres in Iceland. As fog and mist are common in Iceland you should know how to use a map or a compass. When going with tour operators to Iceland you should book the huts if you want to sleep in them. Though these huts can be available at any time but they arer easily available in summers. The cost of staying in these huts is not much and can end up as one of your best family adventure vacations. TOURIS gives you all the Iceland information. Living in these huts is not less than any adventure camps because usually food is not provided and you have to arrange it yourself. While leaving the hut you should make sure it is clean and all doors and windows are shut. During your hiking process you might need to wade across rivers and lakes. Though at some places there are bridges but it would be better if you would carry an extra pair of shoes in case the ones you are wearing get wet. The water level in these lakes depends on the amount of rainfal and so you must be careful. Your adventure holiday to Iceland should be safe and TOURIS takes care of this. You can check out the map for knowledge about certain rivers to be cautious or even use walking sticks. The water in these rivers is totally pure and safe for drinking except for the ones very near to farms and your private tours can be made exicting by doing such small things.

Ice climbing during adventure camp

In Iceland your guided tours also includes ice climbing beginning in the month of november till the middle of april. As the weather of Iceland favours ice climbing it is a favorite spot for such adventure holiday. But as ice is ever changing ice climbing might stop for a period of time due to melting of ice. February is the best time for ice climbing as Iceland is the coldest in this period. You should always check the forecast before going out for ice climbing. Your vacation tours are incomplete if you miss out on ice climbing. If you scare the weather you should do it where ice is near the main road so that you can be safe. But you should be careful on the roads as well as they might get slippery. The Icelandic Alpine club holds an annual ice climbing festival during a weekend in the end of February when you should ask your tour operators to arrange your guided tours. All the best Icelandic ice climbers can be seen in action over this weekend at this club and you can be entertained on your adventure holiday without even being in action.

Ski touring during private tours

The glaciers and highlands in Iceland are a great source for both long and short skiing trips. These areas excite everyone who views them and thus this is the reason that skiing is so popular in Iceland. TOURIS tour operators arrange the trip during the when ski touring lasts that ranges from March to July.

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