Adventure Travel Vacation

Attractions in Iceland

Iceland is a country, which is progressing fast and thus attracts many visitors and tourists for adventure travel vacation like viewing glaciers etc. Touring in Iceland with TOURIS includes watching colorful mountains, lava fields, rafting rivers, glaciers, farm lands, deserts, hot springs, volcanoes and geysers. The famous blue lagoon and golden circle classic are a part of Iceland tours. Iceland has so many tourist spots and attractions that you as a tourist would never feel bored. You would always have one or the other thing to do or admire.

Iceland - land of nature and adventure

Iceland is a country though sometimes counted in the lonely planets but it is gaining popularity. Iceland is a country of contrasts. Tours to any part of Iceland gets us fascinating landmarks, natural landscapes that are unimaginable. Adventure travel vacation in Iceland is facilitated by fiery volcanoes and icy glaciers. Iceland tours also give us an opportunity to see steep fjord valleys. Adventure tours to Iceland include viewing deserts, green valleys, wonderful waterfalls and beaches that meet the huge North Atlantic Sea. TOURIS also arranges group travel tours to Iceland, which is a great method of enjoying the beautiful sites of Iceland. Group tours are cost effective as well as enjoyable. Tours to Iceland are different because you can view glaciers, deserts, heat and cold at the same place. Adventure travel vacation to Iceland is ideal as an annual vacation.

Adventure travel vacation

Iceland is a great place for adventure tours as it has hiking, kayaking, bird watching and whale watching. You can enjoy viewing lava fields, lakes, beaches and glaciers. Though the roads are not that well built but you can do trekking and thus enjoy your tour even if you are with group tours. You can go for tours to Iceland at any point of the year with TOURIS. Bird watching is also a good pastime because it is not less than an adventure tours as many birds are around the coastline. The birds range from marsh birds to sea birds, artic terns, waders and ducks. You can even drive the snow mobile, do white water rafting, sledding, dog sledding, sleigh rides, jeep safari and horse back riding. All these adventures at one place can be found in Iceland only, which make it an ideal place for group tours because you can enjoy with your entire family.

Healing touring

Group travel tours to Iceland also act as a center for healing and relaxation. Iceland has hot water springs and healing sea water pools. Many cures fort diseases and illness are found. The reason might be because of the vibrations in certain areas. Adventure tours to Iceland can also help in healing along with enjoyment. Some places in Iceland are called power-places. Almost all types of diseases are cured which is also an attraction for many disease-ridden people. Even during midsummer the dew is considered pure and with healing abilities. Thus a trip to Iceland can have better effects on our health too.

Important days for Iceland tours

As such you can go to Iceland at any point of the year but going during important days or festivals makes the trip interesting even if you are with group tours with TOURIS. The largest nationwide festival of the year in Iceland is its independence day, which is on 17 June. Touring in Iceland during this time is very entertaining with colorful parades, street music and dances, outdoor theatre and different types of recreations. The other types of festivals are Sjómannadagurinn which is in the first week of June and it is dedicated to seafarers and has swimming contests, tugs-of-war and sea rescues, Midsummer on 24 June is a tradition that Midsummer Night's dew has magical healing powers and that by rolling naked in it can cure 19 different health problems, Sumardagurinn Fyrsti which occurs on the third Thursday in April is a carnival style celebration, Pjóðhátíð which comes in august is an earth shaking event with bonfires, camping, dances and songs and Verslunarmannahelgi which also occurs in august is celebrated with barbecues, horse competitions, camping out, family meetings and excessive alcohol consumption. Tours to Iceland can even make you witness these festivals if you go during the months of June and August.

Time for Iceland touring

Iceland tours needs to be well planned. As thought adventure tours to Iceland should be after 31 August. But now due to advancement in technology it is possible to go approximately anytime with TOURIS to witness many magnificent sites and have a wonderful adventure travel vacation. Your trip to Iceland is beneficial all round the year but during August many other advantages accompany your trip. Adventure tours to Iceland are full of enthusiasm and things to do at any point of the year.

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