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Iceland is a European island with extreme natural contrasts. The concept many people have of Iceland is that of ice and fire. But you must be confirmed that Iceland is much more than this. The Icelanders mostly live along the coast within a 20-kilometer radius of the capital city of Reykjavik Iceland. Iceland is picturesque and its surface is full of volcanoes, hot springs, highlands and glaciers. The weather conditions are rather unpredictable and you always have to be alert for the unexpected. Iceland is a great place for travelers because most Icelanders speak fluent English. TOURIS provides you with such fine planning that you can totally enjoy your trip. You can arrange your trip before hand and must include things going outside the Reykjavik Iceland. There are many places you should visit in Iceland including the highlands and TOURIS provides detailed information on every corner of Iceland.

Reykjavik Iceland as a tourist place in Iceland

The first and most important place for any tourist visiting Iceland is to see Reykjavik Iceland. The Reykjavik Iceland is the capital of Iceland and has a unique blend of architectural statements from apartment blocks to church towers and modern sculpture throughout. More and more Icelanders are migrating to Reykjavik Iceland because it is an expanding city.

Reykjanes Peninsula is very famous

This large landmass is jutting southwest from Reykjavik Iceland. This is where the Keflavik International Airport is situated. In Reykjanes Iceland there are numerous hot springs, you can watch whales, the blue lagoon and some astonishing lava formations. As a tourist, you must never miss visiting the Reykjanes peninsula and take full advantage of its wonderful sites

Icelandic holidays in the south west

The southwest Iceland includes areas to the south of Reykjavik Iceland and has many highlands. This area is the best for adventure vacations and is very appealing. It is the easiest area for visitors to get to from Reykjavik Iceland and tour bus and super jeep rental is also less for day tours. You can have family adventure vacation in these highlands and witness gorgeous waterfalls, famous geysers, glaciers, awesome natural retreats and peaceful farm country.

Tours to western Iceland

Adventure vacations to western Iceland include points to the north and west of Reykjavik Iceland. This area has loads of Saga literary tradition and offers the tourists a glimpse of Iceland's Viking past as well as the nature settings of that time. More information on Iceland can be taken from TOURIS, which gives full details on highlands in Iceland, jeep safari, tour bus rental in Iceland and adventure vacations to Iceland.

Tours to south east Iceland

Adventure vacations to the south eastern Iceland is dominated by the great Vatnajokull, which is Icelandic for glacier. This glacier covers active volcanoes, subterranean lakes and provides many kinds of exploration possibilities. The Skaftafell National Park and the Jokulsa Lagoon are highlights of this region. Hofn is one of the few fishing spots on the southern coast of Iceland. This is an ideal place for tours as it has a regional airport. TOURIS provides all essential information regarding Icelandic holidays and tours.

Adventure vacations in eastern Iceland

Eastern Iceland is a large area of great natural diversity. It has board bays and reindeer herds. The sheltered harbors here are home to fishing villages around eastern Iceland. All essential information is provided by TOURIS.

Family adventure vacation to northeastern Iceland

Northeastern Iceland offers some of Iceland's top hot natural spots for tourists and sight seeing. Dettifoss which is Europe's largest waterfall is a must visit. It is only through this region that you can have access to Iceland's only location in the north of the Arctic Circle, which is the Grimsey Island. This island can be reached by plane or boat. The charges can be verified from TOURIS as they provide the best services at minimal charged to the tourist.

Tours to northern Iceland

Northern Iceland lays main importance on two large bodies of water namely Hunafloi and Skagafjour. The small towns here give the best glimpse of pre independence states and condition. More information can be taken from touris on tours and places to visit in Iceland.

The West Fjords in Iceland

The west fjords are also one of the most important things to visit when going to Iceland but are often missed by visitors because it is very far away and this much distance from the circle road, and from other population centers doesn’t suit many. The West Fjords are a collection of fjords, mountains, highlands and isolated villages and are surrounded by water and mountains. The scenery is worth a watch and traveling a bit of distance is worth it. This makes up for a great family adventure vacation.

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