There are many spots worth a visit even outside the Reykjavik Iceland which include the blue lagoon, krisuvik and Thingyellir national park and the things you can do here include sleigh rides, snowmobile trails, watching glacier, snow mobiling, dog sledding, whitewater rafting trips and on kayaking tours which make a trip to Iceland the best adventure vacation. TOURIS tour operators give all information to all tourists about Iceland.

Skaftafell National Park for family adventure vacation

Skaftefell is under Europe's largest glacier and has been shaped by the glacier, volcanic eruptions under the glacier, resulting floods and water erosion. This is one of the best places to visit in Iceland and TOURIS tour operators can provide all information on this national park. This national park has lowlands, lava beaches, rushing rivers, and hillside farms. The huge glacier makes this place a great site for hikers, mountain climbers, ice climbers and tourists on guided tours.

Thingvellir National Park on guided tours

Thingvellir is a National Park with important historical background. The Althing parliament was founded in 930 AD. This National Park is a great place to visit. The mid-Atlantic ridge runs through the middle of this National Park. It forms gorges and ridges of lava. When going on guided tours you should ask your tour operators to take you to this place for family adventure vacation. Žingvellir National Park is just a 40 minutes drive from Reykjavik Iceland.

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is a rich mineral bathing area, which is very good for health as well a great area for Adventure Vacation. This area is cut off the Reykjavik Iceland and the water of this lagoon is good for the skin as it is high in silica. The temperature of this lagoon ranges from 30 to 40 degrees C. This is a hot spot and TOURIS tour operators take the tourists for a visit to this place.

Iceland Geysers

The Iceland geysers the best place in Iceland to get in direct contact with nature. There are two Iceland geysers together in the same location and there is a hotel and a museum around it. After being dormant for years, the Great Geysir is now active again after the earthquake that occurred in June 2000. Strokkur is a smaller geysir but is very active and erupts about every 5 minutes to a height of 100 feet. TOURIS conducts guided tours and provides all information, as they are tour operators.


Skalholt is the southern part of Iceland. It was the center for the cultural and religious activities in Iceland. This is an excellent place when you visit Iceland on guided tours. It also has a church which was built in 1963 and has beautiful art work. TOURIS arranges guided tours to Iceland including all these important places.

Visit Laugarvatn with tour operators

Laugarvatn means a warm lake. It is the central location for many schools and hotels. This is hot spot for Adventure vacation and a nice way to get away from snowmobile trails and sleigh rides. This gives relaxation and all information can be taken from TOURIS.

Dyrholaey in Iceland

This is a magnificent area and it is jutting into the Atlantic Ocean from Iceland's southern most tip. Its remote lighthouse offers great view in all directions. This is a bird sanctuary in summer and can be closed to traffic during nesting season in the late spring so the tour operators should take care of this aspect. TOURIS provides all essential information about this bird sanctuary.


Hekla is a beautiful and occasionally a peaceful mountain. But this was not liked during Medieval Europe. Nobody used to enter there. This mountain has a volcano and erupts every now and then, its most recent eruptions have been with about 10 years intervals. It is a good site for guided tours and hiking.


Vestmannaeyjar is a collection of 15 islands from the southwest coast of Iceland. This place is home to about 5000 inhabitants and numerous birds and awesome sea life. These islands are accessible from the main land by plane or ferry and are well worth a visit as for an adventure vacation. TOURIS tour operator conduct guided tours to Iceland.


Thorsmork (Þórsmörk as in Icelandic language) is one of the top natural preserves in Iceland. This place offers numerous hiking routes during the summer months. It can be a challenge to get to due to the many rivers that have to be forded by 4x4 and are a great Adventure Holiday. Beautiful hiking spots and glacier sites can be enjoyed here. Thorsmörk is a well sheltered place, surrounded by high mountains and glaciers. It lies in the north of Eyjarfjallajokull Glacier and is only accessible on guided tours with a four-wheel drive super jeep or bus.


Landmannalaugur is a natural paradise and is surrounded by multi-colored rhyolite rock formations. It has a hot spring river, which is a great place for relaxing bath in the highland wilderness, away from Reykjavik Iceland. It is a unique opportunity for swimming and thus ends up as a great Adventure Vacation.

Thus there are many things to do in Iceland other than watching glacier, Snow mobiling, Dog sledding, Kayaking tours and Whitewater rafting trips.

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