Group Tour

Iceland is pure even as outdoor adventure camp. When you are on Iceland vacation on group tour with Touris you are given the optimum facilities and carefree highland tours. Iceland trips are a great way to enjoy as well as to rest. You have many options ranging from whitewater Kayaking, kayak trips, Sledding, incentive tours, highland tours and even just to eat good food by sitting and relaxing. The hotels are modern but Iceland itself is very fresh and many tour bus run which make moving around very simple. Iceland vacation is very varied and you are able to see volcanoes and glaciers at the same place. There are many geothermal steam vents and hot water springs in the country and you would encounter them during your outdoor adventure camp. Iceland vacation also includes seeing hydroelectric dams and power stations that supply all the electricity needed by Icelanders.

Food during Iceland vacation

Care is taken that tourists going to Iceland are provided with best facilities. The quality of food and the method of preparation are of the most optimum level. Under such neat conditions the best food is available and incentive tours are of great interest. Group tour arranged to Iceland by TOURIS is very informative and Touris ensures that you are taken to the best places. The most consumed fish in Iceland are cod and haddock. They are freshly frozen at sea by fishermen to ensure the best quality as there is no pollution in the waters surrounding Iceland which you might notice while on Iceland Adventure travel or Whitewater kayaking, Sledding, glacier tours or during your outdoor adventure camp the quality of food available in Iceland is of a very high standard. There are regulations on healthy, sustainable fisheries in Iceland, where a large portion of the population is involved in some way with the fishing industry. Even the Icelandic sheep and lamb are raised in a natural pollution free environment, - are grazing like wild during summer and are only gathered for the winter. The Icelandic food is of various types but its most staple food is fish. There are many types of fresh water fish and the most common are the arctic char, trout and salmon. The tour bus or Super Jeeps available in Iceland are very frequent and efficient so transportation is not at all a problem

The fishes in Iceland

Though there are many species of fish available in Iceland when you opt for a cuisine but the best species of fish in Iceland is the arctic char. This fish is fed a high protein diet and a low fat diet and then it is filleted, portioned, vacuum-packed, and frozen within hours of harvesting at numerous fish processing plants, situated around the coast. Thus the fish is clean, healthy and great to eat. Hence the Arctic Char is one of the best foods available in Iceland. Even when you are with group tour you can completely enjoy this fish. When you are on outdoor adventure camp you can buy the fish, cook it yourself and thus convert your Iceland vacation into a good adventure. It is also available at numerous restaurants. This fish is normally available in boneless fillets or hot or cold smoked. The typical fish weighs between 2 lbs and 7 lbs but if you are on Iceland trips and want to do adventure then you can go to the wild to fish where its size can get quite large even up to about 20 lbs. The color of the char fish varies from white to red and depends on the location you get it from. Your incentive tours are very enjoyable if you include and relish this food in your menu. It is superior to the salmon and can convert even your glacier tours to outdoor adventure camp. It is a fatty fish and has a finer flake than salmon. Iceland vacations are incomplete without trying this specialty. When on a group tour on outdoor adventure camp you can catch fish even after doing whitewater kayaking. Than you make your highland tours more interesting you can even cook the fish on your camp. TOURIS provides all essential information about Iceland and the food available and even the sites where you can do fishing. Thus a trip to Iceland with touris is enjoyable, adventurous, interesting as well as peaceful.

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