Guided tours

Iceland is an island with many places to visit and things to do and is a great place for adventure travel vacation. It has highlands, rivers lakes and many other things of interest but the main attractions of Iceland are Golden Circle Classic and the Blue Lagoon. Your guided tours should include visiting these places. Iceland tours are not complete without visiting the Blue Lagoon and the numerous sights of the Golden Circle Classic. The Blue Lagoon also has medicinal properties, which make the trip to it all the more important. Vacation tours to Iceland can even improve our health and render us healthier.

The Blue Lagoon as one of Iceland tourist attractions

Guided tours to Iceland should include floating in the warm, silky water of the Blue Lagoon and watch the colored light of the Aurora Borealis fill the winter sky. The Blue Lagoon is made up of geothermal water, which is very rich in minerals such as silica. It was formed in 1976 and people started bathing in the Blue Lagoon in 1981. As the water comes from holes as deep as 6,000 feet it comes after traveling through porous lava and hence has large contents of minerals and this water is led through a pipeline to the Blue Lagoon. This water is changed every 24 hours. The entrance of the Blue Lagoon is made up of walls made of lava rock. The entry fee at the Blue Lagoon gives access to the changing rooms and you can get towels and swimsuit at rent. The men’s and women’s changing rooms on the first floor contain 114 lockers, 13 mirrors and five hairdryers each. The locker rooms can accommodate approximately 700 people at a time. When bathing in public pools in Iceland you have to take a shower first and then put on your bathing suit on. All Iceland information on the Blue Lagoon can be taken from TOURIS. They arrange Iceland tours and hence provide all Iceland information. The Blue Lagoon is approximately 5000 square meters. The Blue Lagoon is bright and cloudy and this is because of the presence of natural minerals, green algae and silica mud. The water in the lagoon is warm even if the atmosphere may be cool in winter. This makes guided tours to Iceland the best adventure travel vacations. There are containers of of silica mud on the banks of the lagoon, available to visitors which when rubbed on the body give medicinal effects. The natural minerals have osmotic force, and cause tissue restructuring, softening and nourishing and balance the skin tone. Blue Lagoon silica is oil absorbing, has cleansing, softening, smoothing, rejuvenation and energizing effect. The Blue Lagoon green algae are antioxidant, moisturizing and gives protection and nourishing effect.

Spas at lagoon during adventure travel vacation

The Blue Lagoon also offers different types of spas for the tourists during their vacation tours. The first spa treatment includes massage with silica mud, 10 minutes massage in the Blue Lagoon, Blue Lagoon oil massage. The second treatment is just the same with 20 minutes massage and the third treatment includes a 30 minutes massage. These spas remove all our tiredness and fatigue and make us feel fresh. Thus your adventure travel vacation to Iceland is even made more energizing and refreshing. All these spas are good for health because the Blue Lagoon has dermatologists, which treat psoriasis and other skin diseases. Infected people take bath in a separate pool and with the application of silica mud and use of uva/uvb light therapy many people have already been cured and the treatment takes about 20 to 21 days. The Blue Lagoon is one of most visited tourist attractions in Iceland and is also very popular with Icelanders. The Blue Lagoon itself manufactures and distributes more than 40 geothermal products which help in skin care and include all products available at the Blue Lagoon like silica mud, algae and natural minerals. The products are tested and manufactured according to European law of good manufacturing practice. The Blue Lagoon is open daily year-round and thus can be visited at any time of the year. TOURIS provides all Iceland information regarding the blue lagoon when you take guided tours with them.

Golden Circle Classic on your vacation tours

You must go on golden circle tour when you are on your guided tours to Iceland. This is Iceland’s most famous natural phenomenon and cannot be missed. When visiting Golden Circle Classic you first visit the geothermal high temperature region of Nesjavellir. The Golden Circle Classic is situated among picturesque landscapes of a lake, which supplies Iceland with 25% of its hot water requirement of hot water for central warming. Your vacation tours to Iceland are made very special with TOURIS. The Golden Circle Classic is one of the main Iceland tourist attractions.

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