Adventure holiday in Iceland

There are many things to do in Iceland. These include a range of outdoor activities like kayaking, whitewater rafting, sledding, jeep safari, hiking and kayak surfing. All these sports entertain, rejuvenate and enrich all tourists. Some of these activities require expert guides and special equipment which are all provided or arranged by TOURIS which make your adventure holiday very comfortable and enjoyable.

Swimming in Iceland

Swimming in Iceland is one of the things to do in Iceland when on your adventure holiday in pools, hot springs and at the Blue Lagoon. Iceland is a country loved by swimmers. There are many health benefits of swimming and bathing. Most places and towns in Iceland have a public outdoor pool often situated near hot springs. You should always carry a bathing suit when going to Iceland for an adventure holiday in case you want to go swimming, which can be done at numerous places. You can also go for steam bath and sauna, which you can enjoy even in the middle of winter. TOURIS gives all information on swimming as well as kayaking to every visitor to Iceland.

Horseback riding in Iceland

The best way to see Iceland is either by a jeep safari or by booking a horseback tour. Whether you take a 2-hour trek or a two-week tour around the county, the 5-gaited Icelandic horse is special way of transportation. Even if you are beginners you enjoy a day tour on horseback at any time and all information on horseback riding Iceland is provided by TOURIS.

Hiking in Iceland

Hiking is a great way to see the countryside of Iceland. This is totally safe in summer and you can arrange it according to your schedule. Camping grounds, youth hostels and farms with accommodations abound across the whole of Iceland. You can bring your own equipment or buy it in Iceland. You can arrange a camp or super jeep tours or take the tour bus from site to site. You can even join organized hiking tours and some group tours are also organized by TOURIS.

Super Jeep safari

The Super Jeep is an invention of the people of Iceland. Here jeeps of various brands are altered to manage flowing rivers and glacier driving with ease. They provide a very good jeep safari and help us see the natural wonders of Iceland in any season and experience the ruggedness of the countryside in total comfort. There are many day Iceland tours arranged from Reykjavik and other places to see the hot spots in southwestern and southern Iceland, which make for an enjoyable outing from the big city and end up as a great jeep safari.

Iceland: Whale Watching

Whale watching in Iceland is one of the most sought after things in Iceland. It has become one of the top activities for visitors to Iceland mainly between May and September. There are many good seafaring companies, which provide whale-watching facilities. There are many types of whales to be seen, for example the minke whale, which is extremely curious, belonging to the baleen whale family and is the most common whale species around Iceland. Another common whale species is the humpback whale, which is a playful and bold whale. It is also a baleen whale and is famous for its leap. The Blue whale is also found around Iceland as well as numerous other species. TOURIS is able to arrange this great fun of whale watching.

Whitewater rafting and kayaking

Whitewater rafting and kayaking are lots of fun. These are invigorating activities on Iceland's beautiful rivers. These include some glacial rivers, which have milky blue color. Kayaking in Iceland is one of the finest activities ever done on an adventure holiday. Whitewater rafting leaves less for imagination and just lets us bedazzled for the entire episode. TOURIS arrange for kayaking tours and takes all care that you enjoy to the fullest your kayaking trips and such adventure sports.


Fishing is at its best in Iceland as it has the world famous salmon rivers. You can rent a riverbank for a few days to a week and on your own enjoy classic fly-fishing. TOURIS can make these reservations for you.

Iceland Skiing and sledding

Skiing and sledding are such invigorating winter sports in Iceland that many people go there just for them.

Iceland Mountain Snowmobiling

A trip with TOURIS starts with the best mountain snowmobiling. You can rent a quality mountain snowmobile and enjoy your snowmobile adventure. TOURIS guided travel tours service provide every required information regarding mountain snowmobiling, select one of all-inclusive guided tours where our Iceland tour guides show you the best snow in Iceland adventure travel. These snowmobile vacations include more than just great riding. Enjoy mountain snowmobiling on Iceland adventure travel snowmobiling adventure.

Touris bring you the most exciting snowmobiling adventure. Enjoy Iceland adventure tours, there's nothing quite like winder in Iceland and taking in all of nature's wonders. Snowmobile vacations provide a rare combination of excitement and beauty. TOURIS will take care of all the details. You just have to be ready to have fun and enjoy the snowmobiling vacation.


Hunting is a famous sport in Iceland whether shooting for fowl or hunting the reindeer in eastern Iceland. Experienced guides provided or arranged by TOURIS guarantee success to the hunter even if an amateur.

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