Have you ever seen a dream, where you are walking on snow-fled mountains and enjoying the beautiful nature, gifted to us? Have you ever wanted to get a thrill in your life? Have you ever thought of doing something dangerous and exciting? Adventure, if seen realistically is a word, which only a few can understand, and an even lesser amount can live by it. Not all of us can take a life threatening risk and put our lives in danger. Not all can take the challenge of taking on death. But somewhere in our heart we all want to do something daring, something want test our own guts.

In this world today, we have many places where our eyes can wander and get lost in its beauty. There are many things, which would be daring and at the same time a memorable experience. So hop on to his extravagant trail, to get a life long experience. Remember, this opportunity will never come back. We would take you to places where the beauty of the surroundings would capture your heart and thoughts. Nature tours, dog sledding, snowmobile trails, sleigh rides, a rafting trip, a family adventure vacation and a lots more, its all here at Touris.

Go and visit the most beautiful spots on the earth with private tours, group travel tours, or a family adventure vacation with The world has developed at a fast place in the last few years. We at TOURIS try to capture the beauty of the world through our modern tools. We make you witness things you could never even dream of, with a number of tours available and a tour bus waiting right in your city, it’s time to act now. So come to “Tour” and go for your life’s most exciting adventure.

Various Tours: A number of private tours available here.

It can be a super jeep safari, a tour bus, a boat, a snowmobile or a sleigh, anything you want. One of the best tours we could organize is a visit to the glacier park. Where the glacier you saw in a magazine or on T.V. would be right in front of you. Snowmobiles and sleigh rides would also be available to assist you on your specific tours. In the glacier park, dog sledding has been a sport of extreme importance and you could witness that thrill through our various tours. A tour bus would take you on nature tours, which are organized all over the world. Snowmobile trails or snowmobile tours are also organized by, in order to make you reach places, which you might not have. Snowmobile tours provided by us a very economical as compared to anyone else in this business. A rafting trip can be organized for group travel tours, private tours or other simple tours. Our tour bus is able to reach the top of glacier(s), down at river valleys and even at mountain rifts. The tour bus (es) is fully equipped to reach at any place, anywhere in this world. For private tours we provide special services.

Major Attractions: The rivers, the glacier park, the mountains, the valleys, the jungles-come see the world with us.

Have you ever stepped on a glacier and felt the enormous power it holds? Have you ever climbed the mountain and known its strength? Have you crossed a river and measured its depth? Have you walked in a jungle and seen what all it has? Yes this is adventure, a real adventure. The real pleasure of life can be enjoyed when we challenge life itself. We at TOURIS just bring you close to reality and our motherland. With various tours, glacier park trips on snow mobiles; jeep safaris and many more we provide you with a complete adventure package. Snow mobile or snowmobiles are the best way to visit a glacier park and we provide you with it. Our various tourist attractions are – Golden circle tour, Myrdalsjokull Glacier, Thorsmork, Landmannalaugar, Langjokull Glacier, Winter Adventure etc.

So come to us and let us provide to you a lifetime experience, with adventure at every step. Jump on our tour bus, visit a glacier, hop on to snowmobiles, take a jeep safari and a lot more at “Touris”.

It is popularly said:
“Life is an adventure - Live It!”

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