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Camping and Caravaning in Iceland

For the visitor providing his own accommodation in the form of a tent or a caravan, there are many  possibilities to overnight. Most if not all towns and villages around Iceland provide camping areas but also there are also many campsites in the countryside and even highlands. Most camping areas provide sites for both caravans and tents alike however these area are often in separate area of the campsite.

 All campsites along the way will have a sign with a tent icon from the road pointing you to their location sometimes  followed by the word campsite in English or in Icelandic.  TJALDSTĆĐI means campsite and indicates that camping is allowed. TJALDSTĆĐI BÖNNUĐ means no camping. Camping outside designated camping areas is generally forbidden in Iceland both in a tent or in a camper. If you are on private land you have to ask the owner for permission however the next campsite with proper facilities is seldom far away and they are never full unless there is a very rare special event going on. For that reason there is no need to book campsites in Iceland in advance.  

All campsites will provide access to toilets and water and some provide shower facilities along with a washing machine and dryer.

If you want to include camping in your tour to Iceland please contact us we can also help you arrange and rental of camping equipment for your journey.

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