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Iceland winter travel survey

Tourists who stayed in Iceland during the period from September 2011 to May 2012 seemed very happy with their stay in Iceland according to results of a survey made by the Icelandic Tourist Board. The Iceland tour met the expectations of 95% of respondents and nearly 85% said they would likely travel back to Iceland. The majority were here on vacation and average length of stay was 6,6 nights. Numerous factors influenced that Iceland was chosen but nature, culture, history and good travel deals were often mentioned. 20% of winter visitors had visited the country before.   When visitors were asked what three things were the most memorable after their Iceland visit most people mentioned the Blue Lagoon. (35.2%) and nature and landscape (27.7%). Other factors mentioned: Food and restaurants 19.6% The people and hospitality 17.1% Northern Lights 16.1% Reykjavík 13.2% Geysir and Strokkur 11.2% Falls 10.4% Golden Circle 9.9% Hot springs or geothermal activity 9.3%,

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