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Increasing number of visitors to Iceland

The summer of 2012 broke previous records in number of passenger numbers at Keflavík international airport by a 9% increase from last year's high season of June, July and August, with about one million flight passengers It is expected that passenger numbers will continue to increase. The increase is 18.9% in September 2012 and is forecast to increase by 19.8% growth for the year 2012. If this forecast holds, 2012 will be a record breaking year at Keflavik Airport with about 2.4 million passengers. Many airlines have reported significantly increased capacity this winter and next summer. Icelandair has announced 15% increase for 2013 and according to plans, the growth will be higher in the winter months than during the summer as the company has added six new destinations in the winter season. Iceland Express has announced 30% increase in capacity next year, but the company plans to resume flights to the U.S. this spring. Destinations in Europe will be reduced to some degree, but the frequency of flights will be increased. Wow Air has announced 100% increase of seats supply with increased frequencies and new destinations next year. The company maintains 2 destinations all year as well as temporary flights to 5 destinations in the winter. Norwegian Air and Easyjet intend to fly to Iceland in winter and easyJet has announced an increase in air travel in the winter and more destinations in the summer season.   SAS maintains regular connections between Keflavík and Oslo all year. Many changes Tour operators and travel agents in Iceland are concerned about limited availability of accommodation in Iceland during peak season and advise their customers to book early.

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