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Northern Lights Forecast for Iceland

Northern Lights Forecast for Iceland

The Icelandic meteorological institution recently announced that they will be offering daily forecast for the northern lights also know as Aurora borealis in Iceland. The Northern Lights forecast main aim is to help pin point where in Iceland the northern lights are most likely to be visible from day to day.

Before heading out into the cold winter night in search for the Northern Lights you need to bear in mind a few key factors to maximize your chance to see the lights while in Iceland. Clouds considerably reduce the amount of light visible from the ground so a clear sky is key or at least open spots in the sky with no clouds. Another factor that will determine visibility is light pollution of all kinds. It can be from vehicles, towns, villages or even at full moon you chances are reduced due to the intense light reflecting off the moon surface. The darker it is the more likely you are to see the northern light to their full extent with all their vibrant colours. Yet another thing to consider is if the intensity of the northern lights from day to day but you can follow all these factors at the Icelandic Met office website.

Iceland is one of the best places in the world to bare eyes on the inspiring phenomenon called the Northern Lights. Dancing away in the night sky each winter the northern lights put on a magnificent colour display like no other. For many years has been offering a variety of different northern lights tours for thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world. If you are interested in organizing a northern lights tour in Iceland please be sure to contact us

Northern Lights Forecast in Iceland

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