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Northern Lights in Iceland 2012-2013

Iceland Norhtern Lights 2012 (Photo by Börkur Hrólfsson)
Northern Lights in Iceland The Northern Lights are an inspiring natural phenomenon clearly visible in Iceland during winter months. Iceland is ideally located for a glimpse of the lights since Iceland is situated directly under the main concentration of the Northern Lights. Over the years thousands of visitors have made their way to Iceland exclusively to get a view of the amazing Northern Lights.
On a Northern Lights tour with (Photo by Börkur Hrólfsson)
Now is the time Scientists from NASA space agency have predicted that in 2012 the Northern Lights will be at its brightest in over 50 years. This is caused by electrically charged particles projected from the sun colliding with earth’s atmosphere causing the sky to light up in vibrant colours. The amount of particles colliding with our atmosphere in 2012 should be more than they have been for at least 11 years as the solar cycle comes to an end with a so called Solar Maximum. The last Solar Maximum was in the year 2000.   So if you are in Iceland this winter so make sure you look up and bring your camera as it looks like we are going to have an amazing Northern Lights winter.

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