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Trip to Icelands Westfjords Way, Driving Route |

  Trip to Iceland’s Westfjords and What to Expect

A wide shot of Isafjordur in the Westfjords region
A wide shot of Isafjordur in the Westfjords region.

The Westfjords is a peninsula located in the northwest of Iceland. The sparsely populated region is among the most ancient geological regions of the island. The Westfjords Way driving route allows you to see the region's amazing scenery, with spectacular blue waters, ridges, waterfalls, wildlife, and a backcountry view.

How to You Get to Westfjords

You can either opt to use a ferry, car, or plane. If you opt to use the road, you will follow the Ring Road and arrive at Westfjords using road 60 and via Budardalur. Using a car ensures you enjoy the amazing views of the island on your way. You have the freedom to stop at strategic points, enjoy bird watching, and visit fishing villages.

You can also take a flight from Reykjavik to Isafjordur, and the flight time is an average of 40 minutes. From Isafjordur you will have to rent a car that will transport you to Westfjords. Using the flight means you barely enjoy the scenery of the island.

The last alternative is to drive your car to Stykkisholmur, where you take a ferry to Brjanslaekur. Using the route allows you to view all the fantastic views. You will depart the ferry on the southern side of Westfjords, where you progress to Isafjorour via the amazing terrain.

Sceneries to See and Activities to Indulge in Westfjords

Flatey Island 

When you take a ferry to Stykkisholmur from Brjanslaekur crossing Breiđafjörđur bay, it makes a stop at Flatey Island. The flat island has a significant number of people still living there. In summer, tourists flood the area to enjoy the amazing climate and view the adjacent calm waters. It is the biggest island in Westfjords and has beautiful scenery, and you can relax on the beach on summer afternoons.


The area has diversified bird species, and you get to explore thousands of birds. It is surrounded by cliffs and moorlands and has seaweed. The overall scenery of Reykholar is very good, and if you love exploring the wonders of nature, ensure this place is on your list.


An extensive reserve is prevalent for its beautiful geothermal pools and cliffs adjacent to the sea. The natural mountains and systematically arranged ridges provide unique scenery. During sunsets and sunrises, the area looks splendid, and it's an amazing place for photoshoots.

Raudasandur Beach 

The spectacular beach changes colors at different times of the day. It is one of few beaches in Westfjords with white to orange colored sand, making it a popular tourist destination. Depending on the intensity of the sun, the beach reflects the red color. It is a unique beach and features some of the rarest features, and the scenery is splendid.

Latrabjarg Bird Cliffs 

The destination is a habitat of thousands of birds. There is a perfect representation of all birds, and some of the rarest birds nest on the cliffs. The area is quite steep; thus, you should proceed with caution to avoid falling off the cliffs. The stunning scenery provides a perfect area to capture amazing photographs. The puffins' bird species particularly dominate this region, and you will have a rare chance to watch the birds' patterns. Read more about Latrabjarg Cliff


It is the second biggest fjord in Westfjords and contains a breathtaking waterfall and amazingly majestic mountains.  You can view the inlets and fjords. The Dynjandi waterfall is located in this region, and the impressive waterfronts are spectacular. The diverse landscape of the region and natural masterpieces makes this region an amazing destination.

Samuel Jonsson's Art Museum 

The art museum contains sculptures of Samuel Jonsson. His sculptures were gathered by Gerhard Konig and diligently stored and displayed in the museum. If you want to study ancient history, the museum gives a comprehensive understanding of what transcended in the early years. You also get to appreciate sculptures crafted in the early days.

Dynjandi Waterfall 

The Dynjandi waterfall is systematic and features a series of unique waterfronts. The unique waterfall is definitely the most picturesque in Iceland. The ridges and surrounding scanty vegetation gives the waterfall an epic appearance. The breeze from the waterfalls provides a cool temperature offering a favorable environment. More on Dynjandi waterfall here

Bolafjall Mountain 

You can access the mountain through a steep road that originates from Bolungarvik. The mountain terrains and vegetation are among the best views in Westfjords. During the walk, you can stop at Skalavik and take coffee before proceeding to the mountain. Skalavik also has unique black sand on the beach. Read more on Bolafjall


Isafjordur is the largest town and capital city of Westfjords. The town is bestowed with spectacular mountains and wonderful terrains. The green natural scenery of the area is breathtaking, making it a popular tourist destination.

In winters, the city attracts numerous people who indulge in skiing. The town is also a prominent fishing ground; thus, if you love fishing while exploring the waters, this should be your destination. The geographically small town is intimate and unique in its way.

Boating Tours 

Traveling via the boat or ferry enables you to enjoy the spectacular views of the dazzling waters. Consequently, you get to indulge in sea kayaking or fishing endeavors. The fishing process is thrilling and adventurous; make sure you spend quality time with your loved ones in the cool waters. However, it is essential to have an understanding of the weather or the upcoming tides. The locals are quite conversant with the weather changes and will advise you appropriately.

Sea Angling 

You can engage in sea angling in Westfjords. The fun activity is open for people of all ages. The recreational fishing method includes three methods which are offshore angling, shore angling, and inshore angling. The fun fishing adventures involve catching fish, not necessarily for eating. The experience in the water is breathtaking, and you should enjoy it with your family.


Hvitanes is located in between Hestfjorour and Skotufjordur and is a popular pit stop in Iceland. You can view seals by sitting on the rocky beach strategically situated on the shore. The stopover is a great place to watch animals that roam around the shore and waters. You can also make a stop and eat lunch and relax before resuming your journey.


View of the town, fishing port, and the church in Holmavik, the Westfjords region, Iceland.
Fishing port and the church in Holmavik

It is the largest town situated in the Strandir area; the residents of Holmavik conduct sheep farming and economical fishing. The region was associated with sorcery and witchcraft in the ancient days. Further, the area has a museum where you get to learn about ancient supernatural mysteries of witchcraft. There is also a museum that shows Icelandic sheep farming norms and practices. 

There are horse riding activities and golf courses in the region. The accommodation in this region is amazing, and some of the best restaurants and hotels are situated in Holmavik. You can also find spectacular swimming pools in the region. 

Choose the Right Package When Visiting Westfjords

If it's your first time visiting Westfjords, the route and accommodation options can be quite intimidating. There are tour companies that offer guided tours or offer self-drive options of the Westfjords Way driving route. The right package includes your accommodation, breakfast, rental cars, and in some cases tour guides, among others.

Depending on the days you are planning to spend in Westfjords, you can select the right package. An ideal package gives you a variety of hotel options and destinations, depending on your preference. You can also opt for the circle tour when visiting the region.

Things to Consider Before Visiting Westfjords

  • Climate: When visiting Iceland, it's intrinsic to have trajectory weather statistics. If you plan to indulge in water activities such as fishing, it is important to be cautious. Locals can advise you on the safe times to approach the sea to avoid storms and disastrous tides.
  • Carry a reliable GPS: The area has poor phone signals, and a good GPS is required to track your movements and get accurate physical addresses. The tour company can provide you with one, or you can bring your own.
  • Binoculars: If you want to view better views carrying a pair of binoculars is paramount. Locals in the region rent out binoculars for tourists who forgot to carry them.
  • The rough terrains: If you opt for self-drive options, remember the area has rough terrains and roads with numerous potholes. Selecting a four-wheel-drive minimizes the chances of your car getting stuck in the rough or muddy roads.
  • Avoid driving at night: Navigating through Iceland can be quite challenging, especially if you are traveling for the first time. The mountain ridges and rough roads can be quite confusing. Aim at driving during the day and have a reliable GPS with you to avoid getting lost in the mountains or islands.

Are You Interested in Visiting the Westfjords? Can Help

The Westfjords is a unique region in Iceland. The scenery, mountains, islands, and fishing spots make this region absolutely awesome. If you are looking for a tourist destination with your family, consider adding this region to your list. offers guided tours and amazing deals for all tourists.

Contact us for self-drive tours, bus tours, day tours, or private tours. You can spend from 7 to 14 days in Westfjords and have an adventurous moment with your loved ones. Our tour guides will help you explore ancient and unique regions in the region.

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