Northern Lights, Sightseeing and Glacier Hike - 5 days / 4 nights

Northern Lights, Geysers, Waterfalls and Glacier Hike

Northern Lights, Sightseeing and Glacier Hike - 5 days / 4 nights

Northern Lights, Geysers, Waterfalls and Glacier Hike

This City break offers some of the most popular sightseeing day tours from Reykjavik as well as a hunt for the magical Northern Lights and a glacier walk tour. Enjoy all of the things Reykjavik has to offer with its numerous restaurants, museums, music venues, cafes, nightlife and much more. Enjoy exploring many of Iceland´s most interesting sites in an easy, economic and stress free way with professional guidance.

DP11 Map

DP11 Map

September 15 to April 5

5 days / 4 nights




    A round trip transfer between Keflavík airport and your hotel in Reykjavík
    Accommodation for 4 nights in Reykjavík with breakfast. Check in time at most hotels is early to mid afternoon. If you arrive early morning, you may not be able to check in immediately on arrival.
    A Guided Northern Lights Bus Tour
    A Guided City Sightseeing Bus Tour Hop on Hop off
    Whale Watching Tour
    A Guided Golden Circle Bus Tour and non-guided Blue Lagoon Transfer
    Comfort admission to the Blue Lagoon
    South Cost Waterfalls Bus Tour
    Glacier Hike guided tour
    Admission for Northern Lights Center
    Taxes and service fee


Day 1. Arrival/Reykjavik

Please note that Extra nights can be added to the package upon request.
Upon arrival at Keflavik airport a Flybus transfer is included to your chosen accommodation in Reykjavik. You will be free for the rest of the day to explore Reykjavik, visit museums, landmarks etc. Visit the Northern Lights Center, where you will learn about the phenomenon of northern lights by viewing facts and figures on wall posters, HD screens and interactive devices. Downtown Reykjavík offers excellent restaurants, cafés, bars and clubs.
At 19:30 you will be picked up to try your luck and go out for a hunt for the stunning Northern Lights.
The Northern Lights are visible from September through April. The best time to see the Northern Lights would be in the middle of winter when it is dark and cold. The Northern Lights can only be seen on a clean night, therefore, we reserve the right to cancel this tour if the evening sky is heavily clouded or weather conditions are not favorable. A decision is taken daily at 6 pm whether the tour will take place or not. All hotels and booking agents in Reykjavik are informed by email about our decision so please contact the front desk of your hotel.
Before we start the tour, we always check the weather forecast around the south western part of Iceland. From experience, we decide where each journey will lead us, for the best possibilities to see the Northern Lights.
Please note: We cannot guarantee sightings even if the tour is operated. In these cases we offer our customers a second tour free of charge.


Day 2. City Sightseeing & Whale Watching

Take a bus tour with City Sightseeing and explore Reykjavík at your leisure, with the opportunity to hop on and off at conveniently located bus stops. This bus pass is valid for 24 hours so you take your time to enjoy a full day of Reykjavik.
It's a city that boasts the best of both worlds; a modern, trendy and forward-looking capital whilst at the same time being so close to its unspoiled nature. Reykjavik truly is a magical place to behold.
Later in the day you will go on a Whale Watching boat tour from the old harbour to enjoy 3 hours at sea with expert crew and specially trained naturalists in search for the whales and wildlife of Reykjavík. The city view and landscape of the bay is also not to be missed and adds that something special to the experience.
Onboard you will find several outdoor viewing platforms, an indoor saloon with large wide-range windows, a cafeteria where you can buy light refreshments, toilet facilities and a cloak room where you can borrow our blankets and overalls for the duration of the tour. You can stay outside in the fresh air but you are also welcome to settle inside the heated lounge and observe the views from within. The excellent naturalists will give a commentary throughout and explain the sights and encounters as we go and the crew is happy to answer any questions you may have along the way!
The most common species encountered on our tours are the minke whales, humpback whales, white-beaked dolphins and harbour porpoises. Occasionally we see other species such as killer whales, fin whales, sei whales and long-finned pilot whales, although they are not as common.
Please note: This is a wildlife excursion and as such we can never guarantee or predict sightings of any kind
You have the rest of the day free.

Day 3. The Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle in the Afternoon

We visit the Blue Lagoon, a unique geothermal spa situated in the middle of a recent lava field. Upon arrival at the Blue lagoon you have various recreational options such as taking a walk in the Blue Lagoon’s spectacular and surreal surroundings or bathe in the warm milky blue-green water. Please note that the Blue Lagoon part of the trip is a non guided transportation only.
At 12:00 we return to Reykjavík to join our Golden Circle tour (duration 6-7 hours), which leaves Reykjavík at 13:00. We start by visiting Ţingvellir, a geologically unique place where the Icelandic parliament Alţingi was founded in the year 930 AD. The site was a meeting place for Parliament gatherings up until the 20th century. Ţingvellir is renowned for its exceptional natural beauty, historical significance and is unique from a geological point of view.
In 2004 Ţingvellir National Park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List and is now one of eight hundred places in the world that have been honoured by UNESCO. It is a site of historical, cultural and geological importance.
From there we continue to Gullfoss waterfall where glacial melt water cascades down into the deep and narrow Hvítárgljúfur canyon. Returning from Gullfoss, next stop is the Geysir hot spring area where you'll get to walk amidst hissing steam vents, sulfurous mud pots and get up close to an erupting geyser.


Day 4. South Coast, Waterfalls and Glacier Hike

This tour takes you to south Iceland travelling through lush farmlands with views of powerful volcanoes, glaciers and thundering waterfalls.
First in a series of natural landmarks is Skógafoss waterfall, arguably the country‘s most iconic waterfall and one of south Iceland‘s star attraction. Viking legends tell of a treasure buried in a cave behind the waterfall.
From Skógafoss you travel east to Sólheimajökull glacier for a 1 hour walk in a spellbinding glacier landscape. Combination of expansive views, jagged peaks, cool blue glaciers and wide-open sky provide a steady stream of amazing photographic opportunities.
Heading back to Reykjavik from Sólheimajökull your last but by no means the last is the iconic Seljalandsfoss waterfall where you can literally walk behind a curtain of water which is certainly a moment you’ll want to capture on camera.
Please note:
Bring warm outdoor clothing, waterproof jacket and pants, head wear and gloves, and preferably proper hiking boots.
Minimum age for glacier hiking is 10 years

Highlights of the day:

Day 5. Departure

A Fly Bus transfer from your hotel or a nearby Bus Stop to Keflavík airport in time for your departure flight.


Useful Information: Here you will find other information for this tour.

Minimum age 10 years.

Early morning arrival: Check in time at hotels is usually between 14:00 - 16:00. If you arrive early morning, you may not be able to check in immediately on arrival.

Day(s) can be added before and / or after if your arrival and departure does not fit the itinerary of this tour. Additional day tours can be added for the additional day/s. If you have any questions please don´t hesitate to contact us by email to and we will be more than happy to advice.

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